Request form

Username: Kennedywolf
Gender: any

^^whichever one is easier^^
Position/Action: any : )
Extras: sparkles around the mouse, if possible
Username: Gooseberyy
Gender: Female
Picture: (The eyes are blue)
Position/Action: (optional) Anything That Flows Well With The Expression :,)
Extras: (optional) Irritated/Angry Expressions Are Preferred But Happy Expressions Are Gladly Accepted Too!


Well-Known Mouse
Pic: nerdzen.png
Username: Zenowo
Gender: Male
Position/Action: smiling/smirking (i'd like it to be a profile picture)
Extras: something you'd find that would best fit it! (i'd also like the name to be on it)
Username: Illusion ( or Sion, if Illusion is too long ).
Gender: preferred no eyelashes.
Picture: Position/Action: just sitting down on a patch of grass.
Extras: hmm, a nice color background that will match the mouse, your choice of color.
Maybe this color would work?
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