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Well, first of all, if there are flaws in English it's because I'm using a translator
Well, I do not know if this can be considered a bug, but anyway I publish it

I had the /ref all right everything, they took it off for the first time and I understood why, then they gave it back to me, and then I lost it again xd, but at least I understood why it was taken from me:

Well, I'll explain why they remove it:

1) When you have obtained the /ref, when starting a message in green, I do not know exactly what it is, but it indicates that you will be able to use the color chat and the tag.

1.1) The people who helped you get your /ref have different ips and that's why it's valid

2) Suppose, that you ask one of the 10 accounts from one of your friends, But when entering the account to your pc, laptop, etc. It will automatically remove the /ref because "supposedly" you have used VPN ,

Appearing this message:


I checked it myself because what happened to me
Atte: sazd.


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Wtf. I took it, this happened me. when appears a red message they says: PAPI SEVEN IS MAD AT YOU 😡
They appears again. at once it exists but shes creepy or weird, i can't belive as can!


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"PAPI SEVEN IS MAD AT YOU 😡" this message pops up when you had customized tags or chat color but you don't have them anymore.
It happens when you share the ip but it's fine after now.
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