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Soooo I applied to be a moderator and I have 0 idea how I know i became a moderator ( if I even become one >W< ). So that'd be nice to know xD Also, I'm new to the forums so if somebody could explain that to me as well that'd be cool as well. Yeah, as you can see I have no idea what I'm doing.


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Not a mod or anything but i’m pretty sure if you applied then staff would probably find a way to contact you saying you got accepted.
btw welcome to forum
Ok I got that but.... we have an issue xD I'm just filled up with problems aren't I? When I applied for it it said it was Russian or something and I'm like awh heck it I'm doing it anyways so idk what to do.


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The Moderator applications are currently closed, but if/when you do apply, you'll be formally invited to the Staff Discord server by the EN Management if your application was deemed acceptable. Unfortunately, if you did apply when the forms were open and you haven't been notified at all then it means that you were denied. Please do not be discouraged to re-apply when the forms are reopened!

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