Post all your title suggestions here!


«Weird» (Colour : Light blue)
«Turtle» (Colour : Dark green)
«Lovers» (Colour : Magenta)
«Unique Being!» (Colour : White)
«TokyoFan» (Colour : Pink)
«Owh! Look At That!» (Colour : Teal)
«Congrats!» (Colour : Yellow)
«Look At Those Mooves!» (Colour : Dark blue)
«Tiger!» (Colour : Orange)
«Lovin' It» (Colour : Dark purple)
«High Five!» (Colour : Yellow)
«Say whaaat?» (Colour : Light blue)
«Epic» (Colour : Light red)
«Woah! Awesome!» (Colour : Magenta)
«Sunshine» (Colour : Maroon)
«Amazing!» (Colour : Dark red)
«Yikes!» (Colour : Yellow)
«I Adore This Village!» (Colour : Yellow)
«I Love Vanilla!» (Colour : White)
«Blimey!» (Colour : Light blue)
«I <3 Friends» (The '<3' colour = pink / Friends colour = yellow)
«Snowy» (Colour : Dark blue)
«Too Cheesy To Give A Breeze» (Colour : Yellow)
«Hugs!» (Colour : Light red)
«Misty» (Colour : Neon blue)
«Physically Supernatural» (Colour : Dark purple)
«My Hero!» (Colour : Light blue)
«Butter Cup» (Colour : Yellow)
«I'm still going!» (Colour : Red)
«Holy Moly!» (Colour : Light pink)
«Mr Disaster» (Colour : Dark red)
«Miss Willow» (Colour : Dark purple)
«Papillion» (Colour : Teal)
«Give Me That Coffee!» (Colour : Magenta)
«Wampus» (Colour : Dark blue)
«Hairy Otter» (Colour : Maroon)
«Nerd» (Colour : Light green)
«Can't Catch Up To Me!» (Colour : Purple)
«I'm Special!» (Colour : Light blue)
«Goose» (Colour : Grey)
«Toad» (Colour : Light green)
«Heroic» (Colour : Red)
«Vintage» (Colour Light green)
«Froggo» (Colour : Dark green)
«This Seems Cool!» (Colour : Light yellow)
«Huggable» (Colour : No colour)
«Satan» (Colour : Red)
«Gwhiz!» (Colour : Light Green)
«I <3 :insert username: » (Colour : '<3' = Red and username = Light blue)
«I am Satan» (Colour : No colour)
«Lemon» (Colour : Yellow)
«Smooth» (Colour : White)
«Golden» (Colour : Yellow/goldish)
«Bright» (Colour : Yellow)
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« Bear Hug »
Hug 10 people. (color code: #97694F )

« Goddess Of Love» / « God Of Love »
Kiss 10 people. (color codes: #9D1309 and #EED5D2)

« Up High, Down Low, Too Slow »
High Five 10 people. (color code: #F87531)

« Twinkle Toes »
Dance 10 times.

« Not Meant To Be »
Have a divorce 10 times. (color code: #26466D)

« Bling Bling »
Buy 150 items from the store.

« I Can Hear The Bells »
Get married 10 times. ( color code: #F5F5F5)

« Here Come The Waterworks »
Cry 10 times. (color code: C6E2FF)

« Ha Ha! »
Laugh 10 times.

« Applause »
Clap 10 times. (purple)

« Go Outside, Now»
Play Miceforce for 1 hour. (gray)

« Designer »
Make and save 15 outfits.

« That Mouse Is FAST! »
Get in the hole 5 times in a row.

« Miss Cafe/ Mister Cafe »
Comment or make on 150 cafe topics.

« Why Are You Still Here? »
Play Miceforce for 2 years.

« Dear Daniel »
Be a boy in the game. (blue) (yes i did research. dear daniel is a character in hello kitty)

« Let Me Take A Selfie »
Use the selfie stick 10 times.

« Fair »
Trade with 10 players.

« Spooky Scary Skeleton »
Buy the Skeleton costume. (white)

« Blood.. »
Buy the Vampire costume

« Oh, Christmas Tree…»
Buy the Christmas Tree costume

« Waddle »
Buy the Penguin costume

« Bunny Hop »
Buy the Easter Bunny costume (pink and blue)

« Got Milk ? »
Buy the Milk Carton costume.

« Indiana Jones »
Buy the Indiana Mouse costume.

« It's The Great Pumpkin! »
Buy the Pumpkin costume

« I Thought You Guys Were Extinct! »
Buy the T-rex costume.

« Hi, I'm Daisy! »
Buy the Daisy costume

« Hey, I Know You! »
Have 10 friends

« Dreaming »
Sleep 10 times

« Kisses »
Blow a kiss 10 times.

Get mad 10 times.

« Not Amused »
Facepalm 10 times

« Take A Seat »
Sit down 10 times.

« Funfetti! »
Throw Confetti 10 times.

« Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT! »
Play Rock Paper Scissors 10 times.

« Ho Ho Ho »
Say "Merry Christmas!'' On Christmas Day (or during December)

« Pumpkin »
Say "It's Halloween.." on Halloween (or during October)

« Thankful Turkey »
Say "I'm A Thankful Turkey!" during Thanksgiving.

« Cupid »
Say "I Love LOVE!" on Valentines Day. (pink)

« Kiss Me, I'm Irish »
Say "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" during St. Patrick Day.

« Easter Bunny »
Say "I'm the Easter Bunny!" during Easter.

« Meow »

« Miss/ Mister Miceforce »
Buy the title from Mummy in the village.

where did all of these likes come from?
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Little Mouse
**I made up a command for these titles**



«Fish 'N Chips»
Play 5000 rounds of survivor

Kill 10 mice in survivor






Little Mouse
<<title lover!>>/get 900 titles
<<Traitor>>/leave 60 tribes
<<master>>/be shaman 30000 times
<<Miceforce lover>>/login 900 time
<<Party!>>/throw confetti 10,000 times
<<Leader of Vanilla>>/save 1000 mice in miceforce vanilla rooms
<<Attached>>/marry 10,000 mice
<<Mad!!!!!>> /get mad 900 times
<<GOD>>/use shaman wings 1000 times in each level


Little Mouse
«Yer A Wizard Harry» - light blue
«Mudblood» - orange
«Muggle» - red
«Death Eater» - black
«Slytherin» - dark green
«Ravenclaw» - ocean blue
«Gryffindor» - maroon
«Hufflepuff» - golden yellow

wh o oPS :^)


Little Mouse
<<Neko Cat>> Buy the neko hat on the head in the shop. Color: 9100FF
<<Fishy Fish!>> Buy the fish on the mouth in the shop. Color: 7F9E9D
<<MAGENTA>> Make a magenta outfit. Color: 872E43
<<Sweet>> Blow a kiss to niyazi 50 times. Color: FF0096
<<Yamete! >_<>> Say DON'T DO IT! in the chat. Color: FFD0A3

<<Yandere>> Buy the knife on the mouth in the shop. Color: 686868
<<THUG LIFE>> Buy the MLG glasses on the eyes in the shop. Color: E8B084
<<I hate you!>> Divorce 100 soulmates. Color: 0E0E0E
<<I will always love you>> Marry 100 soulmates. Color: FFC1E1
<<Dogu Dog>> Buy the puppy ears and mouth on the mouth in the shop. Color: FFDD8F
<<Eevee!>> Buy the eevee fur on the fur in the shop. Color: AE8448
<<Pika Pika!>> If you complete a task (the reward is pikachu fur). Color: FFF500
<<Bon Appétit>> Have all the food on the mouth in the shop. Color: 45E514

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«Satanic» ( Dark Red ) Blow a kiss to Alucard in /room village 666
«Weaboo» ( Pastel Pink ) Created your account in 2013
«Designer!» ( Dark Navy Blue ) Bought the Customization option on all available items that have the option.
«This Way!» ( Pink, like all other staff titles ) Become a Helper, or part of staff ( any position )
«Aesthetic Mouse» ( Pastel green , or any aesthetic colors ) Buy All items in Shop
«Hot Stuff» ( Red Coloring ) Get 50 replies on your café thread
«Damnit!» ( Blue Coloring ) Get 6000 Bootcamp points
«Hottie» ( Red Coloring ) Get 100 replies on your café thread
«Fish! Fish!» ( Blue ) Blow a kiss to the Finding Dory and Hank event NPC ( Name : Fishing2017
«Muted?» ( Grey ) Report a player 2 times for Spam or Flood
«Crying» ( Light Blue ) Use the Cry emote 200 times
«Can't Even» ( Navy Blue ) Your thread on café gets 150 replies
«Adidas» ( Black ) Save 1 Outfit
«Nike» ( Orange ) Save 5 Outfits
«Puma» ( Purple ) Save 10 Outfits
«Jordans» ( Black or Grey ) Save 15 Outfits
«Mayor! Mayor!» ( Black ) Become Mayor of Miceforce
«President! President!» ( Don't know yet ) Become the President of Miceforce
«AFK» ( Don't know yet ) Be away from Miceforce for a year ( Hasn't logged in for a year )

Kutier Titles ( Uncolored yet ) :
«So Pro!» Kill 50 mice in Kutier
«Wowza!» Kill 100 mice in Kutier
«Death Blow» Kill 150 mice in Kutier
«Rude!» KiIl 200 mice in Kutier
«Report this guy!» Kill 250 mice In Kutier
«Seriously!?» Kill 300 mice in Kutier
«Save me» Kill 350 mice in Kutier
«Hacker!» Kill 400 mice in Kutier

Bootcamp Titles ( Uncolored Yet )

«Much Pro» 100 Bootcamp
«The Pro» 200 Bootcamp
«No Gravity» 300 Bootcamp
«Can't Catch Me!» 400 Bootcamp
«Can't Catch Up!» 500 Bootcamp

Village Titles ( Uncolored Yet )

«I <3 Mummy» Blow a kiss to Mummy
«I <3 Balloons» Blow a kiss to Balloons
«I <3 Bimilyoncukcu» Blow a kiss to Bimilyoncukcu
«I <3 Oracle» Blow a kiss to Oracle
«I <3 Alucard» Blow a kiss to Alucard
«I <3 Kurkcu» Blow a kiss to Kurkcu
«Merry Halloween!» Available title from Alucard
«Bouncy» Available title from Balloons. 200 Pigeons
«Flying..» Available title from Balloons. 225 Pigeons
«Balloon Spawner» Available title from Balloons. 250 Hot air Balloons
«Captain Surf» Available title from the Fishing NPC. 140 Little Hanks
«Water Bender» Available title from the Fishing NPC. 190 Little Hanks
«Undeadly Dead» Available from Mummy. 300 Racing Coins
«Srsly dead omg» Available from Mummy. 300 Survivor Coins
«omg so good at builds» Available from Mummy. 300 Shaman Coins
«Why me :(» Available from Mummy. 400 Bootcamp Coins
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