Poseidon's Treasure


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It's finally summertime: Birds are chirping and the beach is flooded with mice. They all want to enjoy the smell of salt-infested water.
It's time for holidays and exploration of the hot beach.

Look what we have here!

The mice have found the magical pearl. For them it is very special, as the god of the ocean himself: "Poseidon" blessed it with an ancient spell.
It allows the mice to breathe underwater. But look, there!! A strong wind blew it back into the sea!
We need to get it out of there or all the effort will have been useless!

Go jump into the ocean and get the pearl back, but be careful! We do not have the magical pearl at the moment, so you need to watch if you have enough oxygen. Also, the pearl will be moving due to the waves at the beach. Noah, a professional surfer, and scuba diver lend us scuba masks so we can breathe for some moments.

However, once you run out of oxygen, you will drown in the sea. He also gave you a bag that can hold 2 objects at once.
As soon as you've collected 2 you should get up and give them to Noah Garrett by pressing on the spacebar near him. He will look after them while you get more. Noah wants us to give him some seashells in return, so make sure to collect as many as possible, while trying to catch the pearl.


Special thanks to Ctrlz @Ctrlz, Owl @Rintea, +alpen @+alpen, and everyone on the team!​




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coming in like a cannonball for this splashing event 😈
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