[PL]Dostałam Bana za ,, Farm ”za nic [ENG] I got Ban for "Farm" for nothing

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Little Mouse
Grałam normalnie na Survivor aż wkońcu dostałam 2 dni bana. Myślałam że to jakiś bag ale niedawno weszłam i miałam cały czas bana na 72 godziny. Powód ,,Farm". 1. nie byłam na roomie na którym było hasło 2. nie farmiłam a było ponad 13 osób.
I Chciałabym sie zapytać czy mam ten ban na stałe czy bag czy faktycznie za nic.

I played normally at Survivor until finally I got 2 days ban. I thought it was a bag but I just came in and I was banishing all the time for 72 hours. Reason ,, Farm "1. I was not at the room where there was a password 2. I did not farm and there were over 13 people.
And I would like to ask if I have this ban permanently or bag or actually for nothing.


EN Mod & Sentinel Director
As said above, bans aren't considered to be a "bug" and should instead be reported directly to a moderator or administrator from your community.
If you find that you have been banned unfairly or are confused about the reasoning behind it, contacting your admin would be the best option.
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