Paste the Last Thing You Copied

Don't be that way
Fall apart twice a day
I just wish you could feel what you say
Show, never tell
But I know you too well
Kind of mood that you wish you could sell
If teardrops could be bottled
There'd be swimming pools filled by models
Told a tight dress is what makes you a whore
If "I love you" was a promise
Would you break it, if you're honest
Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before
I don't wanna be you anymore

I forgot I had this
"But it’s so overwhelming
And I hope no one can tell
‘Cause the numbers keep decreasing
This ordeal is becoming routine, check
Arms, back, neck, thighs
Suck it in and pinch my sides
The scales are betraying me
The mirror is a lie, yeah
It all comes down to numbers
I know it’s wrong but
Just because you know you’re colorblind
Doesn’t mean you can see the colors
Fine, I admit I’m addicted
But the hunger feels good, how do I quit this
I know I could die, I’ve seen the statistics
But the voice is with me through thick and thin"

(Oh, I forgot I copied this, I think I was going to use these lyrics for my signature, I ended up choosing another part of the song)
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