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Little Mouse
@542971 this is survivor


Skullehtor - @547849 Map bootcamp


Boring and repetitive gameplay + not nice design
Not an enjoyable gameplay and not very pleasing design
Lacks of gameplay
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Active Mouse
@555839 - P3 / Prime Bootcamp
Funny gameplay but has a lot of bugs:
1-The lava that is under the chocolate (diagonally) doesn't kill you, it returns to the beginning.
2-The springboard on which you must bounce is misaligned, therefore, no matter how much you bounce, you usually have a great chance to die bouncing off the lava for no reason.


@557082 - Tiny floors looks sincerely horrible, I know design isn't the only thing in a map but please, gameplay is also just simple, 10 seconds long and boring for experimented players. I suggest deperming this
@541061 - Art is deplorable and gameplay is bad, clouds don't fit with their grounds and rainbows doesn't too. Just not a p5 map.

By the way, please check this section more regularly, I came to report this map and saw that my last report wasn't handled yet. <3

~ @287145
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