Official Rotation - P17 - Racing


EN Artist
Skyhilandz | @449534 - the map should have no decorations, awkward "bounce" on the acceleration parts
Jamesreturn | @449612 - much too easy of a map
Jamesreturn | @448932 - awkward ground placement, confusing, and the gameplay isn't smooth
Tomascafelix | @449674 - too easy, and the ground on the bottom is very hard to see
Rosenmontag | @449989 - not enough gameplay, although the design is very neat and nice to look at
Newdethknell | @446883 - the design is alright, but the gameplay and grounds placed are a bit off and don't flow too smoothly together; there is much room for improvement
Blue_king | please submit two maps max. per session
Vapaiipro | @451640 - too easy, all you have to do is walk across and back
Vapaiipro | @446886 - the slanted trampoline at the bottom is practically hidden, and the map doesn't have much gameplay involved
Manolitoo | @451799 - there is no need for that many extra blocks, and there should not be a separate way
Fuzeeer | @452145 - map could use some improvement on the visuals, the cheese is partially hidden behind an ice wall, and the gameplay is fairly easy and non-unique
Oreozam | @452823 - ground display is a bit cluttered, and the gameplay is easy
D_ziri | please submit two maps max. per session
Yully | @400977 - the gameplay is too commonly used
Unfriended | @456385 - nearly hidden ice/chocolate(?) ground on the bottom, and difficult gameplay that newer players would struggle greatly with; the map overall doesn't look visually pleasing

Skyhilandz | @449532 - again, the map should have no decorations, but I do love the gameplay and design of the map

Newdethknell | @446874 - love the gameplay, the map is very neat as well, not many issues with the smoothness of the gameplay
Fisr | @453719 - the gameplay is very smooth and the grounds are all professionally placed, i admire this map a lot

R0n | @452624 - already been p17'd
R0n | @442580 - already in p1

Waffi | @400571 - already in p10
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