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Submit your maps for the Transform (P14) category here. Please read the following rules before submitting any maps, as your maps will be ignored if they are not followed.
  • Map crew members will reply to the thread periodically with their review of the maps that have been posted.
  • Simply post the map code (@123456). Screenshots and XML are not neccessary.
  • Once you have submitted a map, do not post it again at a later date if it has not been edited in any way.
  • Do not post maps for multiple categories. For example, if you have already posted your map in the P14 thread, you may not submit that map to any other category.
  • Review decisions are final. Do not use this thread to argue with whatever decision was made about your map.
  • Please make sure you understand the criteria for the category you are submitting your maps to.
  • Please do not use colour tags when you are submitting your maps. If you do, your map code may be missed.
About P14
Please make sure your map meets the following criteria before submitting.
  • Team work is not necessary. You can make racing type of maps if you want.
  • If you want your map to be finished with the help of other players, make sure it can be done with at least three people, and two of them must be able to return to the mouse hole.
  • Make sure players can't block major paths and make the map impossible to finish.
  • Your map must have a unique gameplay.




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Rosenmontag - @440355
Acee - @440353

I slightly changed and realigned these maps.
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