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This subforum is for discussing topics unrelated to Miceforce. If you wish to discuss topics or ask questions relating to the game, please head over to the respective subforum.

Here in the Off-Topic subforum, you can find the EN Chat Thread, and various threads discussing an array of topics.

1. "Off-topic" does not mean "spam".

Threads posted in Off-Topic are still required to have discussion value. Threads that are considered to be lacking discussion value will be locked. The more effort and thought you put into a thread, the better it usually will be!

2. Do not post unless you are contributing to the discussion on hand.
Reply to a thread only if you have something to contribute to the discussion; your posts should add something relevant to the topic of the thread. Sentinels will remove your post if they believe it to be spam.

Fanfiction belongs in the Fanart forum. Please do not post them here.

4. No threads about politics or religion.
Threads of this nature usually end up in flame wars and drama, so please refrain from making them.

5. No 'x or y' threads.
'X or Y' threads have little discussion value and often end up being full of one word posts. Threads in Off Topic are supposed to promote discussion.

6. No roleplaying.
Please don't make threads intended for roleplaying. The forums are not the place to be roleplaying. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can roleplay instead.

» Off Topic Questions & Answers

Finally, remember that the Off Topic subforum is also subject to the General Forum Rules and Guidelines.
Not open for further replies.
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