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Little Mouse
it won't let me open the download for the standalone for windows ;w;
i click it and the tab instantly closes. any advice?
Why is it that when opening the standalone a CMD prompt opens up?
I don't recommend downloading this, it's probably unsafe.


Little Mouse
New official standalone & Mobile App

Hello fellow mice!

We gladly announce that a new Standalone for the game and a mobile app has been released.
Apart from all the previous features of the Standalone, the new one holds many new of those, with the main feature being Discord integration!
The information includes the game type you're on, the amount of mice you're playing with, the community you're in and the time left to the next round. No Discord configurations are required.

Secondly, we introduce support for YouTube links!
Yes people, we have heard you, now you don't need to jump over the browser version to listen to your favorite songs!

The mobile app is all what you would actually expect, the exact same game, played on the go!
Includes support for chat, friendslist, tribes and room switching.

Download links:
Click on the names to be prompted to the download site. The download process will begin automatically.

📱 Mobile app
Official Standalone (Windows)
💻Official Standalone (MacOS)

Video tutorials:
(Coming soon)​

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.45.07 AM.png
Mac won't let me open it ;-;
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Little Mouse
Try opening finder, "downloads/apps", shift + right click and then open miceforce. If the problem continues try using cmd
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