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    Hello! In this thread you will learn about the ways of making and managing a tribe.
    All information will be found on this thread in the different tabs and sections designated for different topics.
    If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to ask below to solve any confusion.

    Tribes are the clan/guild/club system that has been recently implemented into MiceForce.
    You may only be in one tribe at a time and in their current position they serve two functions:

    1. They work as a shared friends list for the people within the tribe and:
    2. They add an extra group chat for the tribe.

    The shared friend list consists of all of the members of the tribe.
    While any member is online, all the other members will be able to see them in the tribe menu (a special menu for managing a tribe) and what room they are in.

    Once you click the players user, a dropdown will be shown with the given options:

    The area highlighted in blue is the options you have that only relate to the tribe. The other options are self-explanatory.
    Change the rank: Allows you to switch the rank of a player. Clicking on it brings up this window:

    From here you can choose a rank for the player and click Submit. Doing so will confirm the action and bring up this message in the chat:
    • [04:01] Fifty has changed the rank of Koalas to Tribe's Shaman.

    Designate as the Chief: Allows you to give your leadership of the tribe to a player. Clicking on it will bring up the confirmation message and bring up this message in the chat if confirmed:
    • [04:02] Fifty has changed the rank of Koalas to Spiritual Chief.
    • [04:02] Fifty has changed the rank of Fifty to New member.

    Kick Out: Allows you to kick a player out of the tribe. Pretty self-explanatory.

    The group chat is a special chat where any messages sent in it go to all members of the tribe. Any messages sent in the tribe chat will appear as green text in the normal chat window for all members of the tribe, but no one outside of the tribe; this is like a special whisper to the whole tribe. Tribe chat also shows the speakers name. The chat can be accessed by either typing "/t" while in the normal chat bar or by pressing the letter 'T' while outside of the chat bar.
    • Commands represent the English keyboard layout.

    There may be times when you do not want the tribe chat flooding your #Room chat.
    To hide the tribe chat, use the command /tc. This command will put the chat into a tab under #Room.
    When you are using the room chat and you can't see the tribe messages, a number of the unread messages will show behind the Tribe tab.

    Now that you know about tribes, you may get the desire to join one.
    To join a tribe, you must be invited into the tribe by an existing member. However, it is important to understand that not all members of the tribe have the ability to invite someone.
    (More on that will be covered in the next tab.)

    If you are looking for a tribe to join, my first recommendation would be to figure out what tribes your friends are in.
    Checking the in-game profile of any of your friends will reveal their tribe right under their title. To check their profile, click on their name within chat or the scoreboard and choose "Profile".
    After you find out what tribe they are in, see if they will invite you or get someone who can to do it. If you don't have any friends, you can always post a request in the tribe made threads.

    Once you are invited into a tribe, a large box will appear in the center of your screen.

    The box will tell you who invited you into which tribe and give you four options: Agree, Disagree, Stop Displaying Popups Coming From This Player, and Do Not Display This Kind of Dialog Again.
    "Agree" joins the tribe, "Disagree" rejects the invite, "Stop Displaying Popups Coming From This Player" makes it so you will no longer receive invites from the player, and "Do Not Display This Kind of Dialog Again" makes it so you don't get tribe invites anymore.

    Once you get accepted or not, in the recruiter's screen will show up a window with the results, whether the player has joined the tribe or not:


  • MENU
    Once you are within a tribe you will be able to access the tribe menu. You get to the tribe menu by clicking the small shield icon on the chat in the bottom left corner.
    From there you will access all the tribe options. In the top center you will see your tribe name. On the right side of the menu will be the different options, which will be explained on the other pages.
    On the left you will see the list of members and on the bottom you will see a Search Bar to look for a specific player and check box for when you want to see the disconnected tribe members in the member list.

    Each player's member card contains the following items:
    • Their forum avatar
    • Their username
    • Their rank within the tribe
    • Their current room number
    • The community they are playing in
    • The game they are playing within MiceForce

    To view the ranks page, click the small button with the stars under the megaphone found here:

    Clicking on it will bring up the window where you can see the list of ranks and their permissions.
    When a new tribe is created, the default ranks are:
    Spiritual Chief, Tribe's Shaman, Shaman Apprentice, Initiated, Hunteress, Recruiter, Treasurer, Soldier, Cooker, Stooge, and New Member.
    Currently each of these roles can be assigned these different permissions in any assortment:
    • Leader
    • Can change the greeting message
    • Can edit ranks
    • Can change the members' ranks
    • Can invite new members
    • Can exclude members
    • Can play music
    • Can change Tribe House map
    • Can load a map (/np @code)
    • Can manage the forum

    Which rights each rank has is not predetermined and must be set by the tribe leader or someone with the right to change member permissions.
    However, the leader's rights can never be changed, along with the "New Member" rank.
    [CAUTION: Tribe owners, be very careful as to who else you give the right to change member permissions.]
    If a higher player changes your rank, a special message will pop up in tribe chat showing your new rank.

    Despite the default ranks, there can also be created new ranks, with your preferred options.
    To create a new rank, click the "New Rank" button below the arrows under the Tribe Ranks. It will open a new window asking for the new name.

    Arrow Keys - Allows you to move ranks if you want them in higher/lower rankings
    New Rank - Allows you to create new ranks
    Rename - Allows you to change the name of an already existing rank
    Delete - Allows you to delete a rank entirely

    Some day you may decide that you want to leave your current tribe.
    This may be because you don't want to be in a tribe anymore, or it could be because you want to join or start a different tribe.
    To leave the tribe, you have to go to the tribe menu and find the gear labeled "Options". (
    ) Click on it, then select "Leave the Tribe".

    [NOTE: When you leave a tribe, a special message will appear to everyone online to let them know that you are no longer a member.]

    You should also know that it is possible to be forcibly removed from a tribe. Anyone with the right to exclude members of the tribe may kick you out against your will. It is advised that you mind any rules set by your tribes leaders.

    After you have been in one for a while, you may want to start a new tribe. First you must gather at least 500 cheese to spend.
    This is the cost of starting a tribe and it is non-refundable. If you are in a tribe, you must leave it; this is because you can only be in one tribe at a time.
    To create a tribe, click the shield in the bottom left corner and a window should pop up asking for your desired tribe name.
    [NOTE: Do not pick any offensive tribe names. If you are unsure if it is offensive, please ask an official.]

    You'll know if your tribe name has been accepted if a window comes up with the confirmation message like so:


    If you are managing a tribe, then it is all the more important that you keep a good, secure password. Make sure it has at least eight characters and DO NOT give it to anyone. Ever! Many tribes have been destroyed from the inside out because a leader gave out their password to someone. If you need a stronger password, better change it quickly.

    Whether you create your own tribe or are given a rank that has rights within someone else's tribe, you may find yourself managing one. The role of management can have operations of your own creation as well as functions built into the game. The built in functions reflect the four rights a rank can have:

    • Changing the greeting message.
    • Changing the member's permissions.
    • Inviting new members.
    • Excluding members.
    • Changing the tribe house.
    • Loading maps in the tribe house.
    • Loading music in the tribe house with the radio.
    • Create/Delete ranks

    Clicking the megaphone (
    ) titled "Greeting Message" underneath the open book will bring up the Greeting Message.
    In your greeting message you can include anything you want, like rules, requirements, ranks, etc. Even upcoming events for your tribe!
    You can edit your tribe message by clicking the button under the message titled "Change The Message", which will then allow you to type away.

    Clicking the writing paper titled "History Logs" (
    ) underneath the stars titled "Ranks" will bring up your tribe's history logs. It will show when ranks are changed, when the greeting message is updated, when the tribe map is changed, when someone is invited and by who, when someone is excluded and by who, etc. Next to them will show the timestamps of when these actions had occurred.

    Clicking the gear titled "Options" (
    ) will bring up a dropdown. You can view your tribe's forum thread, change the code of your tribe house, and dissolve or leave the tribe.

    Clicking the speech bubble titled "Forum" (
    ) will bring you to the forum thread of your tribe. Currently this action is no longer in use because of the new forum.

    When clicked, it will bring you to this forum and will result in an error message. This button is only compatible with the Atelier 801 Forums.

    Clicking the house titled "Tribe House" (
    ) will bring you to your tribe house! The default is @245014, though it can changed through Options.

    Inviting members is the simplest and most basic part of running a tribe. It also happens to be the most important because a tribe is useless if you are alone.
    To invite a new member, you have to be able to click on their name in the game. This can be either in the chat window or the scoreboard.
    After you click on their name, a menu will appear giving you various options. Under the Tribe subsection of the menu, click "Invite".
    An invitation will then immediately be sent to them and would look like this on their screen:

    You can also invite people by clicking the green plus button labeled "Invite Player".
    A window will pop up asking you to put the username of the person you want to invite.

    [NOTE: An invitation cannot be sent if they are in another tribe.]


    Sometimes you will recruit someone into your tribe who turns out to not be the kind of person you thought they were.
    In this case, you may have to 'kick' them from your tribe. To remove a member from your tribe, find their member card in the tribe menu and click "kick out" under the Tribe section.
    Once clicked, it will bring up the confirmation message to where you will click "Submit" and a message will show in the chat saying they have been excluded from the Tribe.

    [NOTE: After removing a member, it is possible to invite them back into the tribe.]
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