Miceforce Fanart Contest (Results)


¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
The results are in!

We received a lot of OUTSTANDING submissions in this years Art contest. We appreciate everyone's work and compliance.

In first place, Nia @Nia
(3 Fiki coins + Special title)

In 2nd, Yatari @Aseity
(1 Fiki coin + Special title)

And in 3rd, we have Shuuni @Sevenen!
(1 Fiki coin OR Special title)

Winners of the 2nd annual Miceforce Fanart Contest, please contact Soulzone or me to claim your prizes.​


Former PL & INT Community Manager
That first place one is cute as hell

Congratz to everyone, you did an amazing job


Honored RO Community Manager
Congrats everyone, amazing fanarts♥
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