Miceforce Fanart Contest (RESULTS)

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Howdy Sweat little Mices :)
The annual Miceforce Fanart Contest results are officially in.
Though, unfortunately, I was only able to have 3 winners.

This isn't meant to sound cliche or cheesy, but all of the submissions were truly amazing
I truly appreciate that those who entered or were going to enter took some time out of life to write and illustrate, or contemplate; their appreciation for Miceforce.
Without further ado, lets get right into the winners ingress.
In first place...
+pangea @Pangea
(Pangea, Aug 23, 2017)
"(I'm the bigger mouse and Luckilyy is the tiny mouse sitting on my shoulders)

A little bit of backstory/appreciation:
I have a difficult time making friends in real life; but, because of Miceforce, I met a dear friend named Luckilyy. She was a couple of years younger than me, but the age gap did not mater because we became best friends. We often would Skype and hang out on Miceforce, it was great. She helped me through a lot of things that were going on in real life, and it was great to have that support. This was about a year ago, and she does not play Miceforce anymore, but we still occasionally talk. I drew this picture in reminiscence of the fond memories that we shared together on Miceforce, because without this game, we would never had met and became best friends."

In second place...
+rita @Ritao3o
(Ritao3o, Sept 10, 2017)
"Hi! I'm Rita o/
This is my first time joining an art contest, and this contest, helped me improve my art! I've never tried something like this before.
I'm not english, so my grammar is not the best haha.
Miceforce is a great community, with awesome and helpful staff members!
This game helped me improve my personality, patience and grammar.
A big, HUGE, thank you to Fours and Hallu because they helped me and teached me a lot when I applied!

I made so many friends, and they are all so amazing and sweet.
Pengy thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it. You're amazing, noot noot!<3

Ezix, Jander2104, Sydnxy, Cutethingy43 and more lovely friends, thank you so much for your support all this time, you're the best! I'll never forget our laughs<3"

In third place...
(Blurry, Aug 22, 2017)
MiceForce is a great place to socialize with your friends online. You could meet new people, start hanging out with each other and help each other along the way. I've chosen to draw this picture because of the different ways your friends can help you and it's not just in-game. Other than helping other people getting cheese, the friends you've met can help you throughout rough times if you've felt comfortable enough to share it. The friends you've met can also help you with new ideas, new hobbies and etc. There are a lot of different, but unique ways that people can help friends online."

Again, thank you all so much for entering. It was difficult to choose the winners so I had to plan everything out beforehand, unless there was a last minute entry sent to me; which did not happen.
I will contact the winners and issue their prizes


Active Mouse
Good job to all the winners!
All of their artworks are AMAZING and I adore them.
And good job to anyone who even made an effort to join!
Very well done everyone <3
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