Mega Easter Contest 2021

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Hello there!
With spring approaching and Easter around the corner, the Miceforce Staff has worked together to create the Mega Easter Contest 2021 for all of you to enjoy. Check out below to see what is included!

Art Contest Story Writing Egg Hunting Final Consideration

  • artcontect.png

    Easter is on the way! Wake up artists, we would like to see your beautiful creations! All you have to do is to make an Easter (and Miceforce-related) drawing; Unleash your imagination, there's no limit! Show us what Easter is about for you!

    Your idea must be original, you shouldn't steal someone else's, if so you'll be disqualified.
    You must submit only one art.
    You can submit your drawing under this thread only.

    1st place
    « The shell is the canvas, the yolk is my ink » Title
    50 Special Coins
    Forum Badge


    2nd place
    « Eggcellent artist » Title
    25 Special Coins

    3rd place
    Feeling a little bit eggstra today » Title
    15 Special Coins

  • str.png

    This is a unique opportunity to prove your capability in story writing! Write a small story about what Easter means to you! It can either be some traditions from your location, even a fictional story, or any experience with Easter!

    General forum rules apply.
    +18 content is forbidden.
    Your idea must be original, you shouldn't steal someone else's, if so you'll be disqualified.
    You must submit only one story.
    Any story submissions that aren't written under this thread will not be considered.
    The theme is easter, meaning that off-topic stories aren't allowed.

    1st place
    « William Sheggsphere » Title
    50 Special Coins
    Forum Badge


    2nd place
    « Writer Mouse » Title
    25 Special Coins

    3rd place
    « Eggstraordinary » Title
    15 Special Coins

  • egghunting (2).png

    Oh no! The bunny on its way has lost some easter eggs between the threads! Would you help him find all of them? But be prudent, some of them are really hard to find...

    • There are 15 Easter Eggs hidden between the International Threads and its comments, can you manage to find all of them?
    • If you found the eggs, all you have to do is to send a private message to Meda @Meda on MForum, providing the eggs' locations with thread links.
    • Be attentive and fast! Only the fastest and correct players will have the chance to win Prizes in this Contest!
    We'll be giving you hints of all the eggs' locations every 3-5 days, under this thread!

    • You must have all of the 15 links of all eggs. With any missing one, we won't be able to accept your submission.
    • Please do NOT edit your submission; you must send the proofs
    at once!

    1st place
    « Deteggtive » Title
    50 Special Coins
    Forum Badge


    2nd place
    « Egg Hunter » Title
    25 Special Coins

    3rd place
    « Egg Digger » Title
    15 Special Coins

    from 4th place to 10th
    5 Special Coins

  • DATE
    ❗ You can send your submissions from the 12th of March until the 10th of April. ❗

    • You can submit one entry for each Contest only!
    • Special Coins must stay undercover for a while. But trust me, they'll be REALLY unique to use later!

    The winners will get announced on the 14th of April.
    The winners will have the chance to choose their own Title's colors!

    Yave @Yave, Autumnus @Autumnus for the beautiful Banners,
    Lagronite @Lagronite, Ouchi @Ouchi, Ctrlz @Ctrlz for the amazing Badges,
    Soulzone @Soulzone, +cherryuta @+cherryuta +sapphire+ @+sapphire+ Inaleks @Inaleks Etthos @Etthos +niclol @+niclol Quicksand @Quicksand Putnam @Putnam Celais @Celais Jiane @Jiane Lenomy @Lenomy for contributing to the organization!

We wish everyone the best of luck! We cannot wait to see your amazing creations!
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The flowers would return in spring and the bunnies would jump,
flutter around. Chocolate eggs and paintings were the trade.
Meanwhile, the little boy was bored since did not enjoy Easter,
it was not his favorite holiday. Chocolate was the only thing in
his house at time.
One day, a friend of his came, give him 3 chocolate eggs. He
received them, mostly out of kindness. Once his friend left he
put them aside, but magically 3 beautiful bunnies came out of
them, full of flowers and fragrances, delicate clothes.

- We are going to grant you 3 wishes! One physical, one
emotional, and one eternal. You have 1 day to think bout
them, before Easter is over.

The child, thinking that it would be the product of his imagination,
ignored it. But he thought about what the 3 bunnies had told him.
- 1, wish to be happy. 2, I want to know everything. 3, I wish my
family have some good holiday with me.

Thus, the next day, Easter, the bunnies fulfilled their wishes and began again:
Spring and Easter were the best. Full of joys, festivities, food, chocolate, and bunnies! but above all, love and happiness.
end. 🌺
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Let me help you guys with another three hints of the eggs' locations!

1st: Hello 2021, bye bye 2020. New year, new me.
2nd: Opinions by players to improve the game.
3rd: Starting back then, we wanted to see your fashion sense.

Good luck!💕


Little Mouse
the air was crisp! not because of the weather but rather the feeling of getting outside your burrow. the sensation of feeling fresh air hit your nostrils once again. today was a special day, well.. to someone it is. except for a little mouse, this mouse was deemed aries. aries use to adore the fun and colorful holiday of Easter! but all changed when fellow mice stopped inviting him to go egg hunting. aries was upset, and you would be too!--

what's this? a single colored egg was placed at the door of aries' burrow! could it be from the easter bunny themselves? or was someone trying to prank them? oh look!! there's another one! this one was tinted pale blue with yellow fringe like patterns covering the egg. and another!! there was a small trail of neatly decorated eggs that led down the path from aries' burrow. their tail flicked with excitement, bouncing out his burrow to find the end of the famous egg trail.

finally reaching the end, paws full of tiny beautiful decorated eggs, aries saw an amazing sight. his jaw dropped, a small corner of nature filled to the brim with decorations! balloons shaped like eggs, tables full of candy, a chocolate bunny! but besides the colorful arrangements: aries saw his friends. three fellow mice all wearing bunny headbands and bow ties to resemble easter bunnies! aries smiled warmly, darting to his group of beloved friends and hugging them all into one big hug.

aries doubted himself at first, but realized even in hard times you can find beautiful things !! good luck to you all 🦋


EN FunCorp
Good Luck Everyone and have a Happy/Good Easter^^ And for people who don't celebrate it. Still hope you have a good day :) And Wish you all best of luck on winning ^^~


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Map Crew
hii, here’s my submission!
good luck everyone 💓 i love all of the submissions so far <3
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