Map Making Contest - May 2018 - Results!


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Another month of the Map Making Contest has ended. This time we received not as many maps as the last month, and because of that we will be coming up with a new rule for the next month's contest. But for now, it's time for us to announce the winners of this month's Map Making Contest! Congratulations!

Category 1 - Teamwork/Transform

1st place: Seidou - @463159

2nd place: Rosenmontag - @462260

3rd place: Demonchild - @463172

Category 2 - Basic Mechanism

1st place: Rosenmontag - @462267

2nd place: Xxalixx - @463719

3rd place: +Matxo - @467967

Category 3 - Thief! (Vanilla)

1st place: Champtz - @462228

2nd place: +Matxo - @467969

3rd place: Seidou - @462825

All the maps have been edited to have a more appealing look. The vanilla maps will be added into the vanilla rotation very soon. The winners will be rewarded with a special title once the titles have been created. Thanks for participating, everyone!
The Map Making Contest has been brought to you by the Map Crew.
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