Map Making Contest - April 2018

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Welcome to MiceForce's first official Map Making Contest. This month we're bringing you three categories that you can make maps for. Please make sure your map follows the category descriptions and rules, otherwise it will be disqualified. After you're done making your maps please submit them here by putting the category number next to your map code. You can only send one map per category.

If you don't specify the category, your map will be ignored. You can submit your maps like in the examples shown here:
These are the rules that you need to follow. Now let's talk about the three categories you can make maps for:

Category 1 - Scrolling art maps
Create a scrolling map which contains vivid art and includes interesting and unique gameplay. Climbing the art will be considered unoriginal and will lower your chances of winning the competition. You can use mechanism if necessary, but make sure it's stable and works smoothly.

Category 2 - Layers, layers, layers!
Create a no-shaman map with at least two layers. The layers should be clearly separated by a ground, but make sure there's a hole in the layer for the mice to climb up! The cheese/hole should be located separate from each other. For example, you can have the cheese on the bottom and carry it all the way to the hole on top, or have the cheese on the top and make the mice climb all the way back down. The maximum amount of layers allowed is three. Let's see who reaches the top first!

Category 3 - Vanilla-style co-operation
As most of you know, P8 maps are usually complicated and require quite a lot of building so for a change we’re asking you to create one that’s simple and fun yet requires co-operation to some degree. Make sure your map has a similar style to Vanilla and has well placed decorations to make it look like it's an original Vanilla map.

The Map Making Contest has been brought to you by the Map Crew.
The Map Crew members will vote on the maps and choose three winners from each category and the winners will be rewarded with special titles at the end of the month.


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So for the Vanilla one do we need to add two different mouse holes because it's gonna be a 2 shaman map?
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