January's Map Making Contest [2021]

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MMC January 2021

About the Categories and the ContestAwardsFinal Considerations

  • Hello, fellow mice!

    Because 2020 was not a great year, the MapCrew team decided to bring you another Map Making Contest. The last Map Making Contest we did was revolved around easy categories, so we wanted to mix it up a bit. For this month's Map Making Contest we chose some fun categories that will allow you to show off your skills! In this thread, you will get an explanation on how to submit your maps, information regarding the rewards and etc.
    Let's get moving, Happy New Year and good luck!

    ﹣﹣ Categories ﹣﹣

    1. Survivor (P10) Survivor
    2. Miscellaneous (P9) Miscellaneous
    3. No Shaman (P7) No Shaman

    Regarding the last Map Making Contest, these categories will let your imagination run wild. On top of some requirements for them, there are also some factors that shouldn't be included.
    We can't wait to see the amazing techniques you come up with for each of these categories.

    ﹣﹣ Submitting ﹣﹣

    Submitting your entries consists of sending the map code below, specifying the category it is for.
    Example: Survivor - @111111
    You may only submit one map for each category.

    The submitting session will last from today until the 27th of January, only in this thread.
    If you submit your maps in other ways or places, you will be disqualified from the contest.
    You don't have to submit your maps all at once, but you need to state the category they are for.
    After the 27th of January, when the submitting closes, your maps will be put up for voting. Results will come in on the 31st of January.

    ﹣﹣ Rules ﹣﹣

    Failing to respect the rules stated below and the information stated above will result in disqualification.​

    • Send your map in code format, we do not accept XMLs.​
    • Editing your map after the submitting ends is not allowed, however, you can do it while the submitting is open.​
    • Not good enough maps for the rotation will not be permed, only as P1 if the MapCrew team considers it.​
    • Do not copy any maps from others or other tfmps.​
    • Don't use any tags while sending your entry (including tags as quotes, color, spoilers, etc.)​
    • If you posted a map for the rotation, you are not allowed to submit it as your entry.​




    1st Place

    The map is going to be permed.

    January's MMC Winner 2021 - 1st Place (Category)


    1609253392007.png 1609252305084.png


    x350 Consumables

    x40 Task items​

    2nd Place

    The map is going to be permed.

    January's MMC Winner 2021 - 2nd Place (Category)


    1609253399666.png 1609252305084.png

    x250 Consumables

    x30 Task items​

    3rd Place

    The map is going to be permed.

    January's MMC Winner 2021 - 3rd Place (Category)


    1609253408255.png 1609252305084.png

    x150 Consumables

    x20 Task items​

  • Do you need any information about these categories? Here are some tips!
    Feel free to check the already existing maps in rotation to get an idea of how a map should look like or function.
    Check the community subforums for threads dedicated to making a great map or information about categories.
    The best source of information is the Map Submissions subforum, where you can find everything about maps.

    ﹣﹣ Extra Tips ﹣﹣

    Survivor - P10

    • You must not add holes to your map.
    • You can add cheese, but avoid spamming them around.
    • The shaman must have enough space to move around and to kill the mice.
    • Mice must have enough space to flee as fast as possible.

    Miscellaneous - P9

    • Soulmate/Collision maps can go here​
    • Maps which do not fit under exactly one category.​
    • Special maps with a different glow, such as mechanisms that aren't that complex or a racing map that doesn't fit the racing rooms.​

    No Shaman - P7

    • The map should be generally completable by mice of various skill but reward better-skilled mice.​
    • Wall jumping should be kept to a minimum.​
    • Can include mechanisms, decorations, etc.​

    Good luck with your entries and we wish you once again, Happy New Year!
    - MapCrew team
    Lagronite @Lagronite - Badge
    +sapphire+ @+alizee, Etthos @Etthos, Meda @Meda and the MapCrew team
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Good Luck!


Good Luck!!
I'll start! I'll be editing the post as well I create the maps.

@595579 - P9 (Miscellaneous)
@595992 - P7 (No Shaman)
@596477 - P10 (Survivor)

Good luck to all!
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Good luck!


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good luck!!!


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P9 @559890
P7 @595611
Survi @559783
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survivor- @595627

misc- @595628

no sham- @595630


My entries c:

Survivor [P10] → @595632
Miscellaneous [P9] → @595672
No Shaman [P7] → @595649

Good luck everyoneeee ♥
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Miscellaneous (P9) - @595612
No Shaman (P7) - @595641
Survivor (P10) - @596110
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No Shaman (P7) - @593526
Survivor (P10) - @595438
Miscellaneous (P9) - @593556
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