In case of a zombie outbreak, what's your survival plan?


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I would not have a plan, I would go out on the street to see the zombies
get as much food, water, weapons and clothes as i can and fit in the biggest bag i can find, kiss my aquatic snails goodbye (F) and run as far away as i can until i find a safe and uninfected place. maybe even join a gang or something to help me survive.


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bro imma kms so i can have
my dream funeral:

italian men in suits saying
"imma miss the boss"
while doja cat plays in the background
so i can be in peace


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go on a killing spree and go out in the blaze of glory.... or survive
that would be nice :)


first, i'm gonna see if the zombies are fast. if they are, i'm ending myself. if they aren't... still probably gonna end it all.
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