If you could live as an animal, what would you be?


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Tufted deer-
The tufted deer is a small species of deer characterized by a prominent tuft of black hair on its forehead and fang-like canines for the males.
Scientific name: Elaphodus cephalophus
Class: Mammalia
Kingdom: Animalia
Family: Cervidae
Phylum: Chordata

Did you know: An inhabitant of mountainous forest, the tufted deer can be found between elevations of 300 and 4,750 metres , and is said to be always found near water


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A tiger so I can be fierce and hunt down my prey.

A dog, so I can receieve endless love & affection, but mostly so I could get away with lazing around
A white tiger because, they seem to be in charge and are good leaders. White tigers could live in peace with there other kind and i think thats cool


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So I can use my mischievous sly personality to get my way.
Have you seen a fox? Such beauty
They’re my spirit animal

Me when I get in bed
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