If you can change anything in the world what would it be? and why?


Little Mouse
If there is anything I could change in the whole wide world, it would be my old friends. Because every time i talk to them i feel like they are avoiding me.


i would change the livelihood of those living in the barely developed parts of the world. as someone who is indigenous to an African country where poverty is prevalent, the living conditions there are awful and no one deserves to live their lives barely getting by.


Active Mouse
How people threat each other in general or those who are different from them. I'd prefer everyone respect each other no matter how they look, what they like, what race are they and so on.


Active Mouse
If I could, I would want to change the society views of others. In other words: Judgment. This way those wouldn't mock of their existence, be insecure of themselves from others, discriminate based on their kind, and have more positivity amongst the web and outside of the computers that even those who is having a bad day should know that they're loved and that things WILL be better for them

In other words, I want everyone to have better lives and be happy of it.
Probably the prejudice or discriminative views of people. Our lives are short enough as it is, so why would you go out of your way to purposely make someone feel different or strange when our time is limited? There's no need for hate, we might as well just get along and help others because in the end we all end up the same way
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