How to protect your account?

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Lately, the amount of accounts being stolen has increased a lot and tons of users are losing their mice/cheese/fraises. So here is another security reminder to help you to lower the overall risk of a security breach.

1 - Your password:
  • Must be unique. Your password must be used for MiceForce only! Don't use the same password for your emails / facebook or any other websites.
  • Must be complicated. Use a password that contains numbers, lowercase and uppercase! Don't use simple words that can be easily found in a dictionary.
  • Must not be easily guessable. Don't use your nickname / name / city or anything too easy to guess as your password.
  • Must not be a date. Do not use dates for your password (i.e. birthdates).
/!\ A lot of players are sharing the same password without even knowing it! These players are using some really common passwords (i.e. password / 12345678 / football / qwertyuiop). A huge list with the most common passwords used has been made by Matt Burnett, check it out here. We highly recommend you check if your password is one of them and to change it accordingly.

2 - Keep your password safe:
  • Never share your password with anyone. This includes family, friends and significant others. You wouldn't give the key to your castle to everyone, right?
  • Moderators and admins will NEVER ask for your password! A common tactic used by account thieves is to impersonate staff or moderators to ask for your password. Don't trust them!
  • Don't trust websites claiming they'll give you free gifts if you share your nickname and your password! The only way to get Fraises is to buy them (through the game) or to earn them by winning some official contests (you can find them on the forums in the announcement subforum).
  • Change your password often. If you ever suspect your account has been compromised, change it immediately!
3 - Email:

You can link an e-mail address to your account. To link an email address to your account, choose « change my password » in the game menu. By linking an e-mail address to you account you'll be able to change your password by yourself! You'll also get 40 free cheese and a special item as a reward for doing it.
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