How famous is the person above you?


Simple, rate the person #/10 scale on how popular/famous/well-known they are.

0 - Never seen you before in my life.
1 - Might have seen you once before.
2 - Probably I've seen you once or twice.
3 - Seen you a bit.
4 - Seen you here and there.
5 - I've seen you a bit before
6 - I've definitely seen you around, and a lot of times.
7 - I know you, you're pretty popular.
8 - There is no way I don't know you, I see you everywhere.
9 - You're so famous, how can anyone not know you?!
10 - OMG, it's ____!!!! I <3 you!

Remember, it's not how much you like someone, it is how many times you've seen their posts
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