How active are you?

Okay, let’s be serious now.
I honestly used to be a 9 or 10 on the forums,
and in-game it would be 8 or 9, since I’d st least log in daily.
Now that I’ve been grounded, I’m barely on in-game and forums.
I’ve only gone in-game a few times last week,
say about 2 times or 3.
On forums I’m a bit more here.
So for currently,
in-game is 1, and forums is probably 5 now.
Ps. I was grounded for about a week.​


Active Mouse
I used to be a 9 But now I'm a 0.5 lol.
Beliieve makes a great point and I agree 100%. Miceforce is awesome and I hope to be on the game a lot more. I don't want people to quit! And I regret quitting now. Hopefully this tiny problem won't get worse, or I'll be handing out flyers that say "PLAY MICEFORCE!"
In-game is definitely a zero. I never play the game itself anymore.
The forums are possibly a 5 or 6, but I used to be around 8. I guess because of the lack of motivation I have to even play the game or use the forums, I've become less active. It depends solely on who I want to log on for. I'd log on in a heartbeat for the right person.


EN Sentinel Director & Mod
In-game: I used to be a solid 8, now, since the good computer's being repaired and I have less time, it's a 0.
Forums: I can access it on my phone so that's got a big fat 6.
In-game is probably a 6 because i only log into it to see my friends, but they are never online so-
But i'm always online at the weekends.
In-forums uh, i only check forums at the morning because i wanna know whats new so only 2 or 3.

But honestly this game is really boring for me now, because i have nothing to do, and because i am really shy i talk to no other people than my friends.
To be honest i'm really planning on quiting this, but i just can't because, i don't know...

Still, i love to draw miceforce related things.
in-game, 0.
forums, 2.

used to be almost 10 for both around 2016, but the broken laptop + school kinda hindered me from going on here for a while, until i just completely forgot about it
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