[Glitch/bug] Oh.. porably not this rare bug..


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this seems to be as error or smth
As for some reason i was sham in prev round so i died and got revived so skills are bugged out tough,
then it ends and goes to the next round. Until i saw transformation mode has disappeared after this round!
Even, it's supposed to be a glitch or otherwise, it should be as a error with the code or something wrong this game.. 🤔

Next, This.. problems with Archiect tough.
However, it can't let me turn to normal when it's Ghost mode on.
Also it might be a common glitch/bug. if you summon a box with ghost on, then use Archiect skill and onto it,
but it won't even turn Normal.

Ones was text Size bug, soo..
This can be found on UI top of the text size, but if you hold left-click on text, it turns to more smaller when you are shaman or not.
The normal one was Normal size but it's different from this bug...

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I can't userstand what are you doing it.
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