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Active Mouse
haha me,
i love how you're quick witted and good at art.
Usually people dislike you, but you dont really care?
The only thing that i dont like about you/me is that you sometimes think that everyone is just like you.


Active Mouse
dear me,
I like how you've became more mature, and learned a lot from this community and keep growing,
to know more about the people here.

But, i wish you'd improve in your art cause i know, you want to go to art school!


oh me
i'm great and love myself so much but than cry every night and wanna kill myself


dear Jake,
hm you made it this far and you've seem to appreciate me a lot. but also at the same time you're still a huge procrastinator. let's fix that. and always be that clingy boyfriend I'm sure daichi loves it


Cheese Artist
Dear me,
You used to be so insecure and scared,
Then you actually did something which surprised me and i'm glad you can say you love yourself to a full exent <3 , self confidence looks good on you, i hope you keep it, cause in the end all you're gonna have to make you satisfied is yourself, love you xo . And never let go of Caio, he was the best thing that ever happened to you, and you wanna keep it that way .


Cheese Artist
Dear me,
Thankyou for not making anymore mistakes. Your life is going pretty well right now and school is coming to an end.
I'm so proud of you.


Dear self,
Ur ok
Your a pretty shitty person but I'm surprised at how much you've gone through and you still managed to keep going. Your strong, don't let stupid people change that. Right now your sick in your mind, but you'll be okay soon. You'll be somewhat happy soon
Everything will get better.
You'll get over all trauma
You'll be able to actually feel other emotions
Keep going please, dont fucking give up
I want to see how far ill go and what I'll accomplish
Your a fucking star, your one of a kind. Don't let people see you weak.


Well-Known Mouse
dear me
there's things in the back of your mind that are hurting you
but i'm sure at this point you can get past it
you always say you don't care what other people think, which is honestly not true, you care way too much
you always end up kissing up to the people that you've always considered way better than who you are as a person
you always take your emotions out on others, make people feel bad when they don't even deserve it
you're a major hypocrite
you aren't one of my favorite people and i don't think you're going to be for a long time
sometimes, i don't even know who you are
but overall
i don't like you too much but at least i'm able to handle being with you


dear me,
i know you're a straightforward person and you like being honest but you should tone it down
consider people's feelings instead of focusing on letting them know the truth
sometimes a little coat of sugar is okay


Dear me,
You can really act like a bitch sometimes but only to your plastic friends. Please tone it down so you won't be sent to the principals or the guidance counselor's office.
Please don't regain your sadistic state since it'll be hell if you're in your sadistic state, I hate the way you're in that state. You should forget about it.
You're a complete psychopath. And I regret being connected with you. Though, your pretty little face and kind personality would fool anyone.
I hate the way that you're a selfless person. Pay attention to yourself just once.


Dear ticci,

you are so mean to so many people and than cry when people are mean to you. That doesn't make sense be stronger! You think you're fat, stupid, dumb, a fool, everything negative. Well it's time to be positive! This time we will smile and be happy. Always, everyday. " Just remember, you'd do it for him, and you do it again. You do it for her that is to say you'd do it for him. " and you'll do it anyday for him.


EN Sentinel & Tester
Dear Mia,
Haha, that rhymed!
You are extremely clingy, work on that.​


dear me,

no one likes you, stop


dear me,
i love your reflexes,
but you're using too much time on trying to love yourself
stop falling in love and focus on your grades, family, friends and health
you should get better at Overwatch too someday
proud of you for keeping yourself alive


Well-Known Mouse
dear shibe
proud of u, not only are u a rad dude but u managed to snatch an amazing girl AND have great friends, ur doing hella good and you haven't ran into that many problems in awhile so I'd say ur doing something right ??


Cheese Artist
Dear me,
I know it's hard to stay cool in the face of change, but you don't need to over react that much
There are things in life that are stressful and scary, but you need to learn to tell someone
But you're pretty chill too, days like today you just like to stay in your room by yourself
I get it.
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