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Little Mouse
I have not read the forum yet, and I do not know much about English.
I do not know if there is a Polish forum here, and i translating sometimes.
But..... I have a problem.
1.PNGWith this fur.
When I put them on, I have a few mistakes ....

When I first set them up and accepted them as a costume, it began.
I do not see any of my outfits in "outfits",
3.PNGWhen I have eg "Fur" checked and I click on "Outfits" I have double dots marked.
Przechwytywanie.PNGI do not see my mouse when I wear THIS fur, but I see other mice.
Thanks for reading this, and i wait.... For comments.
And help.
I'm pretty sure it's a glitch. A lot of people like to glitch around with the invisible thing. Have you tried putting other accessories on while wearing the fur?


Little Mouse
Okay, i try.

Glitch is still active, and I see that other mice do not move and are invisible like me, although they really move.

If i wear more only i see my clothes and other mices fur and clothes.... And moving. I see my fur only when i wear other fur.
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Little Mouse
This same thing has been happening to me with any new fur released for the past year or so now.
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