fur bug??


Little Mouse
hi so this has been happening for as long as ive been playing this game now but i decided to finally ask abt this??

so in the shop, if i put on a fur, it will make my mouse dissapear, and only when i buy a brand-new item will he show back up again. it dissapears again once i try to customise an item, buy a new item, or put on an item. /

this isnt a problem with my computer i dont think because i've tried this on about 4 different laptops, even back when flash was running so i did play on browser some, same problem

this is also only a problem with most furs. SOME, 4 or five, furs dont do this. but its still annoying because all of the good furs have this problem :(

edit: more than 4 or 5 furs dont do this, i checked a lot but its only the older furs that dont do this :( all the newer furs have this problem
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