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1. These are the English forums.
Please speak English, and English only. Using a translator, such as Google Translate, is not acceptable if the quality of the translation is poor and therefore makes the post difficult to understand.

2. Always post threads in the correct subforum.
If you don’t know where to post something, ask! Any Sentinel or Moderator will be happy to help.

3. Don't bump up threads unnecessarily.
If the last reply of a thread is older than two weeks and your post isn't adding something of value, please do not reply. Otherwise, it is considered necrobumping.
If you're unsure about whether your post would be considered a necrobump, feel free to contact a Sentinel or Moderator to double check.

4. Don’t double post.
Either wait for another person to reply before posting again, or use the edit button at the bottom of your post.
If you double post accidentally, please whisper a Sentinel or Moderator or report it to have your post deleted.

5. Don’t post duplicate threads.
If you do so accidentally, either whisper a Mod or Sentinel or report the thread and it will be locked or deleted.

6. Don’t spam the forums.
Your posts should add something relevant to the discussion and not be intended to annoy others. Sentinels will remove posts that they classify as “spam”. Additionally, replying to a spam thread unnecessarily is also considered as spam. Please report any spam thread you come across instead of posting in it as you may run the risk of being warned for it.

7. Don't spam smilies.
Excess smilies look spammy and are unnecessary. Please only use them when they are appropriate.

8. Don’t swear excessively
While cussing isn’t against the rules, if you do so excessively it could result in punishment.

9. No flaming, harassing, or insulting other members.
Treat all users of the forum the way you would like to be treated. You should always respect the opinions and remarks of others regardless of whether you agree with them or not. If a comment breaks the forum rules, please report the post rather than to react to it. Bullying, flaming, insulting, derogatory comments and defamation will not be tolerated. Users are meant to feel welcome on these forums, not belittled or intimidated.

10. No advertising.
Please don't try to recruit people to other games or advertise your own website, e.g. a fansite. While we allow discussions about things that don't relate to Miceforce, we don't allow referring people to other games/forums etc, especially if someone is making money from it.

11. Don’t post links to anything pornographic, illegal or pirated.

Links or images of anything inappropriate is a serious offense; people of all ages browse these forums, so keep that in mind.

12. The forums are PG-13.
We don’t allow sexually explicit content in ANY form – fanfiction, images, gifs etc.

13. If you are banned, do not create a new account.
Ban evasion is against the rules. Even if it was only a temporary ban, do not try and access the forums from another account because the consequences will be severe.

14. No inappropriate avatars.

Please remember this is a PG-13 forum and therefore your avatar should reflect this. If are you unsure whether your avatar would be acceptable, feel free to PM a Sentinel to check. If you did not create the avatar yourself, please ensure you have the permission of the author to use it. Only the artist can report an avatar for being used without permission.

15. Please try not to act like a Sentinel ("Backseat-moderating").
If you think a thread or post needs moderation, please contact a Sentinel via one of the ways listed on the Staff FAQ (link). While we appreciate when you are being helpful to others, criticising a particular user's behaviour and giving instructions as a forum moderator would is unnecessary and can be classed spam. Therefore, posts like "This thread needs locking." are not allowed and will most likely result in a mute.

16. Do not create a group/thread if a similar one already exists.
If somebody has already created a thread about a topic or for a new group, please don't make another one; we don't need multiple threads about what effectively is the same thing. Also, don't make unorganized groups. If you want to start one, make sure it is detailed enough.

17. Please obtain Sentinel permission to run a contest before creating a thread.
No one likes a contest that's poorly run or fizzles out part way through. To make sure this doesn't happen, we ask that you please ask a Sentinel for permission to run a contest beforehand so that we know that you have adequate preparation. Poorly made contests or ones without permission may get locked.

18. Moderators and Sentinels will deal with situations in the way they believe is appropriate.
Even if the situation is not addressed in the rules, Moderators and Sentinels are allowed to do what they believe is the best solution to the conflict, issue, or disruption. If you do not believe a situation was not resolved correctly, please contact a Moderator or Sentinel and it will be discussed.

If you'd like to complain about a Sentinel you should do so using the contact form.

The punishment given will vary on whether you repeatedly break a rule or the severity of the offense, so there are no set guidelines.
And remember, if you are seen to be ignoring any cautions, mutes or warnings the punishment is likely to increase!
Avatars and micepix

Your avatars or images uploaded to micepix must be PG-13. Using avatars or uploading images to micepix with the following content is not allowed:
Sexual content.
Promoting drugs.
Illegal content.
Also, using avatars that don't belong to you (images made by other users) without permission isn't allowed either, this includes admins' avatars.

Uploading pictures to micepix or using an avatar that breaks the rules can result in a forum or in game sanction, depending on the situation.
Private messages

It is possible to report private messages you receive. You can report private messages for any of these reasons:
Sexual content.
Severe insults, homophobia, xenophobia.
Death threats.
Promoting criminal acts.
Asking or sharing for hacks or websites containing hacks.
Advertising bad sites (websites that contain porn, violence, illegal content, …)
Staff impersonation.
Asking or sharing for personal information (usernames and passwords, personal information of others without their consent, such as names, phone numbers, pictures, etc)
Selling or buying or trading accounts.

These lists aren't exhaustive, and if you have doubts about an avatar, micepix image or private message being inappropriate, you can report it or ask a sentinel.
If you need help with something, don’t hesitate to contact a Sentinel or a Moderator (listed here). As a general rule, please contact Sentinels for help with any forum issue, and Moderators for game-related issues. You can contact a Sentinel by whispering one in-game, private messaging one on the forums.
You can contact all staff members using the forum's private messaging feature. You can send a private message by accessing this page and typing the name of the person you wish to contact in the box labeled "to".

If you want to flag a rule-breaking post for a Sentinel or Moderator to deal with, please press the author/avatar of the post you wish to report and choose 'Report.'
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