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Oh, hi!
I see you stumbled across our anniversary thread. It's been a long time since MiceForce opened its gates to the world and accepted players in its home. To be exact, exactly 6 years from now, when our lord Sevenops created the game. In those 6 years, MiceForce granted the players a safe environment to have fun in, to chat and to make new friends.
Since the past years, this game has made major steps! There's been rough times and happy times - but we made it through all of this as one Community.

Now is the time to look back at the good times as well as the bad times and make great steps into our Future!

INT FunCorp!Three Roads, One Way Out!Labyrinth!Mass Multiplier!Fashion Contest!Anniversary ArtCon!

  • int.png

    If you're scrolling right now to search for the funniest Event of the Anniversary - STOP right here!
    Do you enjoy taking place in Funcorps? Being a legal hacker and having fun with your friends in chaotic rooms?
    Then attend the first-ever International FUNCORP!
    This will be a great... a massive.. a HUGE new dimension of FUNCORP.
    And if this wouldn't be enough... you will also be able to take part in an exciting Quiz!

    You're wondering what will be asked there?

    • Here's a little list of possible themes:
    1. Questions about the Game
    2. Questions about the Staff Members and their Job
    3. Or just general questions about animals for example

    • The event will take place on the 4th of August at the following time:
      • From 3pm to 6pm - UTC
      • From 5pm to 8pm - CEST/GMT+2
      • From 9am to 12am - MDT
      • From 10am to 1pm - COT
      • From 6pm to 9pm - GMT+3
      • From 11am to 2pm - EST
      • From 8am to 11am - PDT

    We are looking forward to seeing you there!

  • thr.png

    This event is brought to you by the Staff Team! It consists of some maps made by our dear MapCrew member Deadexposure that have three roads, but only one correct way out. Each round there will be a different map or the same one but with a different way out. To win this mini-game you will have to answer some questions.
    Every round, a question will pop up and then the answers stated like so:

    • Answer x;
    • Answer y;
    • Answer z.
    In order to get your prize, you have to choose the right road, the right answer. After you chose your answer, just go in and jump into your road. If your answer was correct, you will automatically win the map and get your consumables prize, but if you are wrong, you will peacefully die.


  • 3-1.png
    This event consists of grabbing the cheese and bringing it back to the hole while exploring a Labyrinth. The maps will be in night mode and will alternate each round. There will be a specified amount of time for you to complete the Labyrinth so be fast, but careful. Along your journey, there will be traps. Evade them or find a new route to go on.

    These events will take place every other day of the anniversary week at these times:

    Three roads, one way out:

    • 4th of August / 6th of August / 8th of August / 11th of August
      • From 2pm to 4pm - EST
    From 6pm to 8pm - UTC
    From 12am to 2pm - MDT
    From 3pm to 5pm - COT
    From 9pm to 11pm - GMT+3
    From 8pm to 10pm - CEST


    • 5th of August / 7th of August / 9th of August
      • From 2pm to 4pm - EST
    From 6pm to 8pm - UTC
    From 12am to 2pm - MDT
    From 3pm to 5pm - COT
    From 9pm to 11pm - GMT+3
    From 8pm to 10pm - CEST

  • mass.png
    As you know it is the 6th anniversary of MiceForce and the Staff wants to celebrate it in the best way, one of them is that we will be giving 25x/ 50x/75x multipliers and even up to 100x of everything such as saves, gathered cheese, firsts, and consumables that will last for 1-2 minutes only!

    What does it mean? In these minutes if you get one of those, it can be multiplied by 25x/50x/75x/100x. Incredible, right? So what are you waiting to enjoy this great day with us?

    We will wait for you!

  • fas.png
    Those of you who have a passion for styling - this one is for you! For our anniversary, we're hosting an International Fashion Contest! This contest will take place right here on forums and the judges are composed of Miceforce's lovely Fashion Squads. Three winners will get a shiny, exclusive Title and their outfits will be displayed in the shop for all to see. Interested? Read below for more info!

    • How do I enter?
      • Create a look for your mouse in-game or on dressroom based on the themes below!
      • Upload the images here!

    • When will this take place?
      • You may submit your entries from the 3rd of August to the 11th of August!
      • Winners will be announced shortly after!

    • How will this be judged?
      • The Fashion Squads of Miceforce will be in charge of judging!
      • They will vote based on creativity, cohesiveness, and appearance.


    - 1st Place: «Shine is my favorite color» Title, 300 Coins of everything
    - 2nd Place: «Diva is my second name» Title, 150 Coins of everything
    - 3rd Place: «Eye-catching» Title, 75 Coins of everything

    Now for the Themes... Each Outfit you make should be based on one or more of the themes below!
    On the form, please submit your outfit to the appropriate category!

    Theme 1: Orange

    → Create a look based on the colour orange. Orange is our anniversary colour!
    Theme 2:
    Lūʻau (Luau)
    lūʻau is a feast/party from Hawaiian tradition! Many Hawaiian native foods are served and there is often entertainment, whether it be island music or hula dancers.

  • ann.png
    We have so many talented Artists in the Miceforce Community and this is the perfect time to show off your creativity! For those who are wondering what this is about, here's a quick explanation!

    • What is it?
      • Since we have six years since the game has been created, we want to show off how much we appreciate the Community by showing us some artwork. It can be anything that's relating to the Anniversary. We want creativity and we want to see what you guys are made of!

    • Where can I submit?
      • You can submit your artwork here!
      • It will be open from the 3rd of August to the 11th of August!
      • Winners will be announced shortly after!

    • Does the art have to be made online?
      • It doesn't have to be made online! You can simply take a picture of your artwork and post it on this link!


    - 1st Place: «Leonardo da Vinci can hide behind me» Title, 300 Coins of everything
    - 2nd Place: «Gifted» Title, 150 Coins of everything
    - 3rd Place: «Canvas» Title, 75 Coins of everything

    There aren't many rules to keep in mind, but it's common sense. It needs to be appropriate and of course, be related to the Anniversary. Art can include login screen, backgrounds for Funcorps, and simple Fanarts.

    What are you waiting for, grab your pencil or tablet and start drawing!

At the 11th of August, upon completion of the Events, we're going to make a Title Event where everyone will get these titles first:

«We are the Champions»
«Ancestor of Miceforce»
«Party Mice»

and many more!

Also, for participating in any of these events you will get this cute Badge:


Thank you for being with us these amazing 6 years and for helping us grow this Community.
Have fun and good luck with the events!

Special thanks to +alpen @+alpen Angyy @Angyy Etthos @Etthos +sapphire+ @+sapphire and Celais @Sinflower for the text respectively,
Deadexposure @Deadexposure for creating the Three Roads, One Way Out map
Etthos @Etthos,and Neshim @Neshim,for creating the Labyrinth maps,
Lagronite @Blapi and R_iver @R_iver for making the Banners,
Biteki @Biteki for making the Badge,
Autumnus @Autumnus for suggesting this amazing idea
Meda @Meda for organizing everything, because without her this Event would not have been created!

And all the Staff Members collectively helping out planning this event for the Community!
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Hawt!! Can't wait!!🥳😁


WOW!! 6 YEARS? !!! I feel very happy !!! and more and more are coming !!! 💕 :love:🥳🤩


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will we get adventure points or no ?
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