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Welcome to the new EN chat thread! We've decided to start fresh with a brand new thread to help better promote a more friendly, welcoming atmosphere. You'll still be able to chat with your friends just as before but now there is a bigger emphasis on respecting your fellow posters.

As well as the forum rules, this thread has some additional rules, and clarifications to already existing forum rules, below. We expect you to follow these rules at all times; we don't want to be strict but, in order to promote a friendly environment, we will have to be.

If you have ANY questions about these rules, do not hesitate to contact a Sentinel!

1. Do not spam.
Posting something completely random is considered spamming. We appreciate you may wish to discuss something else, but please be considerate of your fellow posters. If the majority of the posters are discussing something, we recommend you read back to find out what's going on and then jump in. Don't be shy!

2. Do not be inappropriate.
Please keep in mind that the forum is rated PG-13. If you think a topic you're about to bring up might not be PG-13, please don't bring it up. This goes for pictures and other content matter you may want to share with your fellow chatters. If you aren't sure about something, you're free to ask a Sentinel.

3. Do not fight with other users.
This includes flaming, flamebaiting and posting in an agressive or unwelcoming manner. Everybody is welcome to post as long as they follow the rules.

4. Do not use the chat thread as a place to spam images.
If you want to post a picture to cheer someone up, go for it! But if you're posting a picture randomly about something that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, expect it to be deleted. We have a funny pictures thread for you to use to post pictures should you want to!

5. Do not overly discuss a subject that already has a thread of its own.
We've had problems in the past where users would "take over" the chat thread for their own group to discuss their favorite topic. If a subject, that already has its own thread, is starting to get discussed for pages upon pages, please move the discussion over to the dedicated thread. Sentinels reserve the right to ask you to create a thread for your discussion, should it not already have one.

6. Please report any rulebreaking posts that you see!
This thread moves quite fast at times so we would appreciate it if you helped us keep the thread clean. If possible, please report the post where the rulebreaking began.

We hope that you will enjoy the new EN Chat Thread more than ever! If you want to suggest something to better the thread, feel free to contact a Sentinel.
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