Earth (what you should know or remember)


Habitat for millions of species, including humans; it is the only place known to have a life in the universe. The earth was formed about 4.54 billion years ago, and life has appeared on its surface in the last billion years. Since then, the Earth's biosphere has changed the atmosphere and the planet's non-biological conditions, allowing the propagation of organisms that live only in the presence of oxygen. The ozone layer, which works with the Earth's magnetic field, blocks harmful radiation, allowing life to surface Earth. The ozone layer obscures ultraviolet radiation. The Earth's magnetic field displaces and removes charged primary particles from the sun at great speeds and distances them from outer space away from Earth, causing no harm to living organisms.

The physical properties of the Earth and the appropriate cosmic orbit revolve around the sun, providing it with the warmth, energy and water to the origin and life of life until the present age. Life is expected to last for another 1.2 billion years, , Where scientists believe that the sun will rise in the future temperature and expand and grow until it becomes a giant red and reaches the diameter of Venus or even to the Earth's orbit, as they see the evolution of stars like the sun in the universe at the end of the life of the star and the penetration of fuel and hydrogen. Then T. It is the heat of the sun high life on Earth. If no other cosmic event has happened before - like a nearby star's star in a supernova - it ends life.

The Earth's various resources serve to keep a vast global population of people, who divide the world among themselves and are divided into about 200 independent states, interacting with each other in a variety of ways, including diplomatic communication, tourism, trade and military warfare. Human civilization has different looks and representations of the earth. Some ancient civilizations have embodied it as a god, some believe it is flat, others have said it is the center of the universe. The current trend is that the planet is an integrated environment that requires human supervision to guard against the threats that threaten it. That would threaten the same person in the end.
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