does anyone still play

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the most people i've seen on a server when ive logged in is 2 and they were both afk :/ all other game modes like racing and survivor had 0 on, and parkour was the only one that people played on, it had like 13 people on.
my question is, what is the most active server now? like, are the spanish or french servers more active? also idk where this thread goes ghfrdegyh help


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With Flash no longer being usable, and many players going back to school/growing older, Miceforce has become increasingly inactive starting last year. There are a few occurrences where you’ll see a lot of people in-game, with the maximum number being around 10, as you’ve seen previously. As for the most active server, if I’m not mistaken the ES and PL servers are quite active! Maybe you could check there

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