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LUA Engine has been improved it is faster now and more stable with improved .
Easter event news:
  • Now the egg will change it's position when 5 mice collected it instead of 3.
  • Now you have to duck or press spacebar to collect the egg (same with giving it to Altan)
  • Last year's chick fur is back! Buy all new easter titles which are named Good Grace, Funny Bunny, Cottontail on village bot called +tavsan to win that fur!
  • Now you can trade your eggs


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Forum Update 2.1.5

Forum Update 2.1.5 includes a large number of new features and improvements, including:

  • Fix an issue with fixed menu positioning on Safari when scrolling.
  • Fix issue with the +/- buttons on number box elements not working in MS Edge browser.
  • Updated Font Awesome to 5.11
  • Very old versions of IOS related issues IOS 13 fixed
  • Fixed and change format of the exposure time EXIF data displayed on photos.
  • Reactions Score Bug Fixed
Now you can put the addition sign anywhere in your nickname!

• You are not able to put more than 3 symbols into your nickname.
• The character limit for the nicknames is increased to 20 now.

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