Describe your friend/sm

You let your emotions go freely
(You make me)Overjoyed when I see you
(When your)Offline I miss you
Caring to me, even if I'm rude
Helpful through situations
In my heart as my best friend (ily)
Right there when I need it (mostly)
Independant, but sometimes I help you
Always looking out for your friends

Thank you Yoochiria for your friendship!

No way I will try to let you down
Your always helpful when people need it
In and at the right times, your there
Loving your friends and treating them with kindness
On time with things (I don't know what I mean by this xD)
MINE. My best friend forever. (ily)

Thank you Nyilom for your friendship!

Sorry if I left you out xD
E = Elegant
S = Sassy
K = Kind
E = Exotic (?)
T = Tact/Tactful
I = Incredible
I = Interesting
I = Intense
T = Teammate (?)
I hate your username.
Change it you asswipe, Lil Pump sucks.
Super awesome
k = kool (im sorry i took my time to think of a word that begins with k and thats awesome and i came up with this..)
y = your like one of my closest friendz
i = incredible
s = super amazing
u = u'd think im writing this bc i saw u talked about me but no. im writing this bc u is absolutely amazing
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¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
Explaining you is hard your username is too long
X=Y? (i dont know you're smarter than me so?)
Pro in survivor
Literally the best
No one can replace you
C for cool wow
O for obviously a superhuman bc nobody can be that pro
W for why do you have a z in your name it makes this ten times harder but it's ok you're still my wonderful sidekick
Z for you need zinc to be healthy.

are you proud of me yet, mother
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