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Active Mouse
Ok so I know that you can change the fur color of your mice when you do the command "/color" but like wouldn't it be cool if you could also change more than just the fur color? I was thinking, maybe we can also change our ear color, nose color, tail color, and foot color.

How will it work?
When you do the command "/color" it will open
2017-09-22 (1).png
but it will have the image of your mouse right beside it and it will also have multiple color choices, similar to like when you are changing the color of an item- except, you are changing the color of your mouse.

I don't really see a flaw in this idea?? I mean, nobody can make it inappropriate, I don't think it will be that hard to put in the game, it's not going to stress anyone out.. But if you catch a flaw please tell me! Also I think the nose is kinda unnecessary so it doesn't really need to be included. Sorry for my bad explaining and I hope I got everything cleared up..


Well-Known Mouse
it's a good idea, but even if it does sound easy to put in, it may also cause a ton of glitches with it.

but thinking about it even more, it not being in the original game (tfm) may also mess up certain types of updates that will come sooner or later on here, since it isn't an official feature.
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Little Mouse
what if u could change ur mouse's belly fur color. then u could look cooler in my opinion. /bcolor
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