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Good luck to everyone, looking forward to it!


Good luck y'all!:mf-7:


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Goodluck to all


Good luck to everyone who participates!


Little Mouse
right heres my idea:
Wizards moon
At midnight there was a explosion outside and it was a meteor from the moon!As the meteors fell, you knew that you cant let it go.So you team up with other mice and be wizards as soon you took your wand you decided to shoot the moon but it keeps on multiplying, but on the floor there was moon dust...No one knows if this is magic...

So basically in this adventure players are wizards and need to put a spell (shoot) on the moons they find.
Every moon you
shoot will give you moon dust that you'll have to buy the titles and blow (use) for titles also.
You can only get 5 moon dust per round.


<<Enchaned moon>> 25 moon dust
Moon cheese>> Complete 1 round
wont let the terror in, im stealing time>> Blow moon dust 5 times in 1 round
Put a spell on you!>>50 moon dust
<<Wave a wand!>>Complete 10 rounds
<<Spark!>>10 moon dust
<<Long beard>>Buy the beard in the shop
Moon and stars>>70 moon dust
Magic spell>>Complete 20 rounds
New life>>100 moon dust

medibang.png(use this as a example bg so basically dont use this as a bg just a example bg) i wasnt able to convert this ^^ in lightshot (use this as a example login bg)
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