Compliment the person above you!


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pretty self explanatory! just say one nice thing about the person above you!
if you don't know them, compliment their avatar or their profile!

person 1: (name) is really sweet!
person 2: (name) is special!!


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you make me laugh a lot with your love for undertale and stuff, youre p cool kell. you and pill are cute as well


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I really enjoy watching BTS and EXO crack with you and just in general talking about things.
You always seem to put me in a good mood and you're such a nice and caring person.
You and Brooke are legit OTP, you guys are adorable..
I'm glad that you two are almost 3 months strong!! ^^


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I love that compliment Daichi....

but you're a really sweet and caring person, honestly we could be twins like you're just so like me, that bubbly smiling girl, always filled with joy and happiness, not always but you know, cute and smart, amazing, strong, everything anybody can possibly like about a girl, you're all that . I mean anyone would want you, and would be blessed to have you in their life as lovers/ friends, you're a really great bestfriend, and i'll always be here.


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kello, you're actually really amazing and you treat everyone so well. you're super chill, and you're pretty funny and actually super nice as well. honestly, you're like
amazing?? you're strong, amazing, smart, funny, jdnssjndj i can go on
you're really special to me and alot of other people
im so glad im one of your good friends !!


i don't know you very well but, i think you're a pretty cool person!


I like your signature & your username is cute


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Nice butt.


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Cute signature
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