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The Café is an area in Miceforce where you can make threads, post comments, and talk to people freely in-game. We felt the need to make the rules of the Café public in order to better enforce the rules and maintain a positive environment for all players to be involved.

  • Spam/flood - Overloading the café, which is excessive use of letters/words/phrases/statements in a small timeframe and/or space, is prohibited.
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  • Advertising - Advertising another TFMPS in any way is a mutable offense.
  • General Vulgarity - Being uncouth in any form, is considered 'General Vulgarity.'
  • Inappropriate or Vulgar Links - Giving out links to any site that has pornographic or any racist, sexist, homophobic, etc insults is considered against the rules.
  • Insulting - Insults against any players/staff in the game besides oneself is against game rules.
  • Provocation - Provoking any player into fighting, hacking etc. is against the rules. This goes along the lines of creating drama to pour pressure or any sort of rude behavior. Engaging in conflict will also not be tolerated.
  • Xenophobia/Sexism/etc.- Saying anything against someone's culture, where they come from, etc. is not very nice!
  • Wrong Languages - Using another language, is/can be a mutable offense. This is the EN server and we'd much expect you to speak our language to better understand you.
  • Game rules - All game and forum rules apply to the cafe. Read about them here:

Please note that the staff of MiceForce reserve the right to place suspensions on any accounts for any reason that they see fit. The staff also reserve the right to hold these reasons confidential.
If you disagree with an action taken against your account please contact your community manager. The staff also reserve the right to change these rules at any given time without warning. It is your responsibility to keep updated.
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