"Welcome home, quality."
note: this tribe is NOT made by the real bribbleco creators, this is a fan tribe!
Creation date: unknown/unknown/2020

What is the BRIBBLECO tribe?: The BRIBBLECO tribe is a tribe that is based off a ROBLOX company group that created the games Cleaning Simulator, Robot 64, Super Cube Cavern, etc. This tribe can be for BRIBBLECO fans! Well, heres the rules:
Do not say anything Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, Cisphobic, etc.
Please do not be rude against tribe admins!
Do not engage in drama, please!
Be nice for crying out loud!
Have fun!

if you break any of these we will obliterate you here at bribbleco. if you see anyone being a dingus, please contact tribe admins to take care of it! 💚

britnain lol - personal rank for Britnain @Britnain! (tribe owner)

pomatia 🐌 - personal rank for Temporaria @Temporaria, Britnain's friend! (co-owner i guess)
good boy - rank for britnain's cool friends only!
Employee - rank for tribe admins, they can kick people out of the tribe!
The Manager - same as the Employee rank
Janitor - rank for anyone who helps us!
EAT ASS - rank for britnain's disliked people
FAT - same as the EAT ASS rank
bribble boy: same as the Janitor rank
cool - rank for cool people
member - default rank for everyone!

please enjoy your stay! <3 britnain loves u
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Seems like a cool tribe! good luck!
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