Bestfriend appreciation


Lilacpink @Lilacpink
i just wanted to say that i thank you for being there for me for the longest of time. even tho i get mad at u sometimes for being so damn stubborn, you still mean a lot to me. youre supportive and you always understand me mainly because we both go through the same problems with our parents. u make me laugh and do cheesy stuff like that. honestly wish we get classes together so u can see all the stupid shit that happens w my classes. ok ily bye

Xprofit @Xprofit
i at least consider you close to me because i do talk to you like everyday. youre just like super nice to people and we both tell each other shit that bothers us. we just kinda became brand new friends ever since i got my laptop back. you mean lots to me and always make me laugh and smile each day even tho i kinda miss all of my schoolwork because im like in a room w you or something. my fault though afhdks. we both are a lot alike and i like making dumb jokes like that one dude named wartpimple. youre open minded and always take responsibility for stuff. you take care of yourself and thats really someone i admire. ur amazing. (also u try and always do ur best. amazingng). anyways, i love u lots and im sorry for cheating on u but its necessary


dear olive,
i miss u so much. i miss hugging you and hanging out with u. )):
the virus ruined so much for everyone and us. you are one of the sweetest people i've ever met )):
i wish we could hang out like rn, or even be quarantined with you!!
you make me feel more open minded and a little kinder <3
i can't wait till this is over so i can give you the biggest hug ever!! ):
keep on holding bubs, i love u <3
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