Bestfriend appreciation

Welcome to the ''Write a letter to your best friend!'' thread!
We all have best friends, those annoying yet lovable people in our lives that have stuck with you through thick and thin!

Here, you can write a letter to them, stating everything you want them to know, or how much you appreciate them!
I hope this brings some positivity to some MiceForce Players!



dear cowz,
bang bang hi amazing friend:)
i dont know aah out of all the people i've met here, i've always been closest to you.
ever since the day where we found out we were of the same nationality and even living in the same country, we just suddenly

and im happy that happened. if not, i probably wouldn't have met my amazing beef kebab partner that lives in my basement that's 8 hours away from me :')

you're the sweetest, kindest, funniest, and most amazing person i've met here! i hope we get to talk to each other more often soon ):
dear -,
i wish i could tell you everything that im feeling right now. i know friends aren't supposed to withhold secrets from each other, but im scared. scared you ll be hurt and again, upset that i haven't been honest with you. im hurting so much on the inside right now about our little situation and i just want you to know i still love you the same and that one day soon i will finally open up and tell you everything that is on my mind.
dear w,
you are the most amazing person, that has ever been in my life.
you've been by my side throughout everything, and you've always supported me 100%, and i can't thank you enough.
you even put up with all my kpop drama, and i'm surprised that you don't get sick of it.
you're funny, cute, sweet, kind and everything else that is nice.
don't ever change, your perfect, okay.
i love you, i'm glad to call you my best friend~❤
~love, yours truly, kaekae
[ yes yes,, your nickname for me !! ]
Dear _,
Man you hugged me when I cried, you told me to stay strong and most important you played more then a mother's role you played a friend's
Dear _ irl
I love you , even through are stupid arguments and dumb stuff we get into, I'll always be there for you ❤️


Active Mouse
dear cute person j
BOYYYY I MISSED YOU. this weekend we gotta have a group call cutie and play truth or dare and i got real fun dares for ya mwahahaha
anyways this weekend group call is mandatory, no refuses
Dear N,
even though im still grumpy at you for spilling my secret,
im very grateful to have you in my life.
you always listen to me, and help me get through things.
you're amazing and spectacular
and i cant help but to wonder how a person like me got a friend like you.
thanks for everything you've done for me !!
~your pal, lua
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