Battle of the Zodiacs


Cheese Artist
Welcome to Battle of the Zodiacs!
This game is similar to the Battle of Eye Colors, but now in the sense that the number you count up or down with is decided by your zodiac sign's element!
Though, with a game, comes rules!

- All MiceForce Forum Guidelines apply.
- Please keep your calculations as accurate as possible;
- Please do not post unless you're partaking in the game as well;
- Please be kind and respectful to all other users in this thread;

The numbers are assigned to the different groups the zodiacs are split up into: water, fire, earth and air. For the sake of the game, these elements are going to be paired into two groups to create a battle of water and earth vs. fire and air! The number assigned to your element is what you will add or subtract from the previous number. Pretty simple right? Well, here are your assigned points.

Earth - ADD 1
- Capricorn
- Taurus
- Virgo

Water - ADD 3
- Cancer
- Pisces
- Scorpio

- Aries
- Leo
- Sagittarius

- Aquarius
- Gemini
- Libra

The counter will begin at 1000 and if the number reaches 0, then fire and air win; if the number reaches 2000, then water and earth win.
Good luck everyone and may the best zodiacs win!
Let's begin, shall we? :D
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