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i legit have nothing to explain here....

Im Blapi (or CyaneCreations what ever you call me), and thus i begin my art request :'V

Im doing only two things Headshots...and full bodies

its simple just send in a pic of your mouse and choose which one you will want
NOTE: all of my signatures is written as Cyane since im the only one who created them.

Card.png kuroshi ref sheet1.png

Blapi.png sid.png
Oh my goodness, such beautiful artwork, you have such talent! From your coloring to your detailing, so gorgeous! I would love a pixelated headshot of this girl here.
aaaaaaaaaa.PNG Thank you so much for your time, you are truly considerate!


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WHAT IN TARNATION?? How have I not seen your art before... EVER this is amazing

So amazing that I just need to request..
I really like the pixelated icons and you can add whatever you find best fitting for it I’m not very picky.
If possible, I’m trying to collect full bodies of my rat so that would be my preferred style however whatever is easier for you.

Thank you in advance!
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