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Apply yourself to applying

Thinking of submitting an application for the moderator/sentinel/mapcrew/any other staff team? Here are a few tips on how to write a stronger application. Remember that reviewers may be reading more than 100 apps, so you want yours to stand out. Of course reading this does not guarantee that your app will be picked, but we hope this helps you avoid a few common mistakes!

General tips:

  • ●Know what you're applying for, whether it's in-game staff, forum, maps, etc. For example, don't write about your in-game skills on a sentinel application.
    ●Show that you can do the job already. For example, if you want to be a sentinel, have a good history of reporting bad posts and helping others on the forums. If you want to be a map crew member then show you know what the requirements for each perm category is and that you know the rotation well.
    ●Obey the rules. If you've been breaking the game and forum rules (especially if it's recent), that'll count against you.
    ●Do not share your account. While not strictly against the rules, this is a security risk - non-staff players should not be able to log on to staff accounts. If someone else has access to your account, you likely will not be chosen.
Writing your application:
  • Write this like a job application. Be professional, not cutesy.
  • Read the application instructions and questions clearly. Note that the answer to "What country are you in?" is not "Texas."
  • Write in full sentences, use proper grammar, and spell-check if necessary.
  • Be honest. When it's found out that you're lying, it will severely hurt your application, especially if you apply again in the future. If you don't know the answer to something in particular, you should research it or admit that you don't know.
  • Write enough detail to show you put effort into the application. Apps with one- or two-sentence answers usually look unimpressive and not much different from the other hundred apps. On the other hand, that doesn't mean you should add in repetitive or filler content - repeating the same point for five sentences isn't good either.
  • Applications are posted to the forums - you can use BBCodes for formatting if you want. [Note: EN in-game staff applications are the exception to this.]
  • If you're asked why you wouldn't be good for the job, admit your flaws. Giving an answer like "I have no flaws, I'd be perfect in the position" just comes off as arrogant and lazy; everyone has flaws.
  • Stand out. Remember that there's likely hundreds of people applying for the same position - What makes you stand out from other applicants?
  • Don't submit your application straight away. Most of the time applications are open for several weeks. You should spend this time refining it, making sure you've said everything you can think of that's relevant and have the best application ever. Applications submitted on day 1 are usually terrible and disregarded before most people even apply.
  • Proofread. Again. And again.
Most of the time, you will be automatically rejected from a position in the following situations:
  • You filled out the application form in the wrong language.
  • Your answers are only a few words long.
  • You've lied about your age.
  • You've recently had a severe sanction.
These kind of things are checked and taken into consideration in any application:
  • Information from past applications, even if it was for a different position.
  • Your in-game and forum sanctions and warnings.
  • Past encounters with members of the team.
  • Activity, the amount of times you log in, and for how long.
  • How you act in public rooms.
  • Past posts on the forums.
  • How well your application is written, if it's using proper grammar and spelling, if it's written in paragraphs, etc.
Specific details that can be included in common questions:
  • Tell us about yourself?
    • Include information that's not specific to the position - that's what the rest of the application form is used for
    • This question is your opportunity to show hobbies/interests. The answer isn't super important, it's just to let reviewers know who you are.
  • Why should we choose you?
    • Show you've read the position's announcement properly. Show that you can cover what is being looked for.
    • Say whatever is relevant to yourself. Are you a good teamworker, good at time management, etc.?
  • Why shouldn't we choose you?
    • Be honest, and give a genuine answer. Everyone has something wrong with them that can be worked on and it's very useful to gauge that yourself.
    • Turn it around with a positive. "I can have a strong opinion on some subjects, but I know when to keep that to myself and stay out of a situation."
    • Use examples that may have used to be a weakness that you've worked on since then.
    • Do you only speak one language, for example?
What if I'm not accepted?
  • If a large number of applications are submitted, reviewers may not have time to reply to those who are not accepted. Usually there will be a public announcement when reviewers are finished with applications, and you will probably not receive a personal message.
  • Feel free to ask why you were not accepted, so that you can improve on that for next time applications are open.
  • Reapply again when you can later.
What if I am accepted?
  • Check your forum messages!
  • You'll likely be asked to accept a special set of rules or terms for just that team. You should read them thoroughly and decide whether or not you accept them.
  • If you applied for a staff position, you'll need to be aged 14+ and prove it. Make sure you have a scanned copy of your ID ready to show.
    • Any government issued ID should work so long as it shows your full name and date of birth. Passports, drivers licenses, and citizen cards are all good examples to use.
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