5th International Outfits Contest - Old fashion trend!

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  • Hello EveryMice!

    Another edition of the contest has arrived, but this time, besides just an outfit, we want to test your knowledge and see if you’re really old when it comes to MiceForce.

    As usual, we want you to show us your creativity with outfits but just based on the “old items”. That’s right, let’s be nostalgic and remember those who since the beginning of the game has always been with us watching everything.

    We want something that points more to the old side, to blow the dust off the older items in the shop that nobody else uses anymore. And that's why we chose the old fashion trend as the theme of this contest! Furthermore, creativity is the limit. Give us that hot feeling of nostalgia with your best outfit.

    We’re very excited! Gather your creativities and good memories to build the best outfit.

    Good luck to everyone!
    May the most creative, nostalgic, old-school MiceForce mouse win.

    • Contest Rules:
      • Spamming your submissions will automatically disqualify you.
      • Submissions must fit the theme; (if your outfit doesn't match the theme, it will automatically be rejected).
      • Skins can't be used, only the old furs.
      • We don't accept copies of an outfit that was already made.
      • You can only post ONE outfit; (if you wish to change the look you submitted for a better one, please just edit your first post).
      • Use only this thread, if you try to use other threads to send then you'll be disqualified.

    • Competition due date:
      • You can submit your outfit from now until August 31st.
      • Winners will be announced on September 3rd.

    Official Dressroom: CLICK HERE.
    Note: We’ll not accept outfits with new items, the intention is to prioritize the oldest ones, that means if you submit an outfit with new items you’ll be automatically disqualified.

  • 1st Place
    : 3 FikiCoins + exclusive title in the game + exclusive forum and in-game medal + 250 inventory items (mouse angel & Elisah's fur).

    2nd Place
    : 1 FikiCoin + exclusive title in the game + 250 inventory items (mouse angel & Elisah's fur).

    3rd Place
    : Title of participation + 250 inventory items (mouse angel & Elisah's fur).

    I’ll be contacting the winners to send me the outfits code and then add them in the shop. Prizes will be given to the winners when they’re online.​


Not open for further replies.
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