4th International Outfits Contest - Results


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Hello, dear Mice

Another Outfit Contest was held and once again, it was a success. I just have to thank all of you who participated and were part of this "proud" contest.
As always, it was very difficult to choose the winners, because everyone has always sent countless outfits more than perfect in all contests, and even more in this one. But on this thread, you'll meet them (the winners).

We present to all the winners of this great contest representing the Pride Month...

1st place: Daichi @Daichi
❧ 2nd place: Adorable @Adorable
❧ 3rd place: Jared @Jared
❧ 4th place: Karl @Karl
❧ 5th place: Blapi @Blapi
❧ 6th place: Whims @Whims

Hopefully, everyone has enjoyed it, and we will have much more ahead, just wait...
The first 3 winners will receive a private message here in the forums to send me the outfit code to be added to the shop (type /look to see the outfit code).

Prizes will be given by Sevenops#papi.


Congratulations to the winners! ❤

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was a big surprise of how i won
but congrats to everyone!!~


Congz to all!
What was the prize & title for participation 👀 super good looks


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Congrats! I can't wait for the next competition! Or perhaps Fashion Squad?! Wink Wink
Next time dear mice ;)
congrats winners u all did a good job :mf-5:


Congratulations to the winners! :)
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