3rd Outfit Contest - Results

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First of all, we would like to thank all the participants who sent us their wonderful "eggfits". All were extremely beautiful and so the vote to choose the winners was even harder. We ask that regardless of the result, you do not feel shaken and try again in the upcoming outfit contests!
Well, we want to thank all those who dedicated their time to create an outfit and also thank for all the beautiful outfits, we like them all... but we can't add all of them, sadly.

We will only have 3 winners, unfortunately, yes, only 3 winners this time!

Well, we focused on the outfit with:
  • The outfit was chosen by the number of items used (an outfit is not presentable in the shop with few items used)
  • The outfit was also chosen by the customization and beautiful work in the formation of color combinations.
  • The outfit was chosen by the Easter representation itself (items outside the subject caused rejection).
  • The outfit was chosen because it did not look like a copy of someone else's (after the first players post their outfit, many used the same outfit with different customizations, those were denied).
Without further ado, let's go to the winners! They are:

In 1st place: Beachie @Tigeryyz

*Her mouse wearing a beautiful Outfit, presentable for Easter. I guarantee that she will make a lot of success with this.

In 2nd place: Yave @Yave

*A sensational Outfit, could you imagine how this will become an international fashion in the game?

And in 3rd and last place: Adorable @Adorable

*I can see the crazy mice going to buy this.

The prizes will be given out as soon as possible! Congratulations!
To the winners, you should send the code of the outfits to me via private message. I'll be sending the codes to Sevenops#papi to be able to add them in the Shop. Enter the game, wear the outfit and type /look, this will show you the code from your current outfit. Please send me that code.
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