1. relisboi makes his return (not really)

    relisboi makes his return (not really)

    ill always remember yall
  2. wyvern


    it was truly a roundabout path.. arigato, Gyro.. in memorials of relisboi. ive stopped drawinf my OC altogether, it seems ive grown tired of repeating the same thing. i would expect you are too @[1768:@Triggerred] , man, i never knew id crawl back to this place, but who can i blame? i miss you all!
  3. uwu


    i'm lazy to color it or either lineart is since my cousin doesn't know the word "Patience" and so told me to rush uwu it's my first GIF so like, i regret making this uwu and, my cousin helped me make the idea on this GIF so like, even though he told me to rush, he was still helpful.. uwu i...
  4. Henlo uwu

    Henlo uwu

    hewhwhehehehe this is like the opposite thing of what Relisboi's new drawing is.. the one that is a puzzle-kind-of-guessing game which was hard af. :D PLEASE CHECK RELISBOI'S DRAWING, I CAN'T PUT THE LINK HERE CAUSE.. reasons :) but please check Relisboi's drawings since this drawing (art...
  5. BWAM BWAM >:D


    IM BACK PEOPLE, I MISSED YOU ALL!! It's now summer and i don't have to attend my sem-classes since it's not that important anymore, i got my card as well x3 and i'm proud that i have high grades, hehehehe. My sister graduated, atlast! And now she'll be in her first day in Junior high~ :) It's...
  6. :'D


    i got lazy and this was all rushed. My eyes hurts now for reasons and it feels so heavy and they are watery. :D HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT. Please thank Relisboi for his drawing uh.. i can't give the link since my internet sucks but i'll give it in the uh- thing below (is it what we call comments...
  7. ;)


    I can't name this anymore- :'D okay, i can't even make a description anymore, it's 6 am- just got back from a bday party. Since that i'm not that updated and i finished this late, it's posted late as well. :D Original Drawing: Please thank Relisboi for his...
  8. >w>


    I don't know how to name this anymore, this can't be "Relisboi~" all over again. <v< but i'm always updated every time Relisboi draws and post a new drawing of his. As always, i didn't put an eye since uh, :) I kept the blush effect but a little lighter in the left side so it wouldn't be that...
  9. ...


    Uhm, again- aha.. i break the record.. 2 post for a day- damn. :D it's uh, relisboi again~ yes, and it's still him.. my art style- Give me a second to find the link to the real and original drawing while mine is copyrighted.. (Loading...) HAH! I found it~ Original Drawing by Relisboi...
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